People far too often underestimate the significant impact foosball balls have on the overall gameplay.

We all know they are essentially important in that without a foosball ball there is no foosball match, but foosball balls have a far greater influence over the game than just that.

Foosball balls come in a variety of materials and textures that can affect the speed of the game as well as the level of control your foosball men are able to exert over their passes and shots at goal.

Deciding on what the best football ball is for your specific needs, you need to have at least a limited understanding of the various options available to you.

Traditional Foosball Balls

For most of us, the first foosball balls we encountered were of the traditional variety.

These balls come stock standard in most lower quality tables, and you will remember them for their soccer ball replica design and for the perpetual clanging noise they emit.

Made from hard plastic, these balls were molded with indents that followed the black and white patched leather design of real soccer balls.

This renders these balls essentially impossible to control, and so games played with traditional balls are very rarely won with skill.

Qtimal Mini Colorful 36mm Official Tabletop Game Ball

The Qtimal Mini Game Ball is made from the resilient ABS polymer, ensuring you enjoy a product that is hard but never brittle.

It delivers the fast, somewhat erratic game we have come to expect from Traditional Foosball Balls, and is manufactured to the 36mm diameter regulation size.

The engraved soccer ball design is finished off with a high quality color print that should not fade with use.

This product is normally sold in sets of eight made up of four fun colors.

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Smooth Foosball Balls

Very similar to traditional foosball balls, but without the indented soccer ball design, which makes them only an ever so slightly superior option.

Unfortunately, they do deliver the same sound effects as the traditional foosball balls.

These undesirably smooth hard plastic balls lack the traction required to allow even the slightest semblance of ball control by your foosball men, and so you once again find yourself in a game where luck determines the outcome.

The Fat Cat Foosball Ball Is a particularly popular choice when it comes to Solid Foosball Balls. It is as quick as you would expect it to be with its slick hard plastic finish.

The Fat Cat is produced in the customary Solid white, and it will fit all foosball tables as it is the regulation 36 mm across its diameter.

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Cork Foosball Balls

The cork foosball ball is quintessentially European, delivering a performance that is perfectly suited to the more strategic-style of play preferred in the single goalie setup.

Delivering fantastic traction thanks to its somewhat tacky finish, it prevents the ball from ricocheting aimlessly around the table after every shot.

Cork is obviously far more malleable than the materials used in other foosball balls, and so these balls allow you to easily stop, pin, and pass the ball.

This also means the more dexterous players among us can show off their finesse by retaining the ball after stopping it, fake a few passes, keep his opponent guessing the next shot, ultimately possessing the power to slow down and speed up the game at will.

Billiard Evolution Natural Colored Cork Foosball Ball

These hard wearing and strategic play-making cork balls are a great addition to any foosball fanatics collection.

Delivering a game considerably different to that of any of the other types of Foosball Balls, Billiard Evolution's product will have you rethinking the way you view foosball.

As with all cork balls, a play is noticeably slower, but far more controlled, so you might find it takes a bit getting used to if you are switching from textured foosball balls for the first time.

But practicing with this kind of ball is a great way to hone your overall handling skills, and you will be pleasantly surprised with the improvements in your strategic gameplay when you switch back to the faster-textured balls.

Better suited to European tables that feature the single goalie setup, but can be used in any table, such as Tornado, as it is regulation 36mm diameter size.

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Textured Foosball Balls

Textured foosball balls are the American standard, and offers a perfect blend of the concise controllability that you get with Cork, and the scathing speeds associated with the smooth variety.

These foosball balls are made from a special urethane compound that allows great grip on the playing surface, which means more precise passing between your men and greater accuracy when having a crack at goal.

This ball also has a substantial weight to it, so you can expect fantastic speed and power from your well-placed shot.

Valley-Dynamo Classic Pink Textured Foosball Ball

Valley-Dynamo, manufacturers of the revered Tornado Foosball Tables, brings you this high performance, hard wearing Urethane compound textured foosball ball.

Delivering a fantastically fast game that somehow still allows you to exercise pin point control when in possession, it is little wonder that the Valley-Dynamo Classic Pink is the ball of choice in many of the leading international competitions around today.

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Warrior Table Soccer Pro Game Foosball Ball

Warrior Table Soccer is a company that has grown its name over the years by producing world-class foosball tables and accessories.

They are continuously improving their products, using feedback from the players to ensure they keep progressing in the right direction.

The Pro Game Foosball ball is a fine example of what can be achieved if your goal from the outset is to make first-class products that adequately answers to the needs of professional players.

Made from a special urethane compound, this fantastic foosball ball allows for lightning quick play while still providing the sturdy grip that more experienced players demand.

Warrior Table Soccer uses a special "centerline grinding process" that guarantees the uniformity of every ball produced. A feat that was previously impossible with the tumbling process commonly used in production.

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