Harvil Foosball Tables Reviews

Harvil is a popular brand of sporting goods and games that’s exclusively owned by Dazadi, a retailer that specializes in home recreational goods. Harvil foosball tables are available in several variants; there’s the Harvil Foosball Table and the Harvil 4-Foot Foosball Table, which are great for those who are on a tight budget and/or have limited space in their home. The brand also has the Harvil Striker 54-Inch Foosball Table, which is a better option for those who want a sleek and modern foosball table at a decent price. Of course, there’s the Harvil Beachcomber 56-Inch Foosball Table, which is ideal for those who want to play on a regulation-sized foosball table similar to those found in arcades. No matter what Harvil model you choose, you know you’ll get a foosball table with a modern design and decent craftsmanship.

Harvil 56" Beachcomber Foosball Table Review

The Harvil 56-inch Beachcomber Table has been constructed with durability in mind. The table is made from wood with an impressive finish that provides both a sleek, stylish look as well as durability. The playfield is also screen-printed in order to allow for a more realistic feel.

Length: 56"
Width: 30"
Height: 34"
Weight: 139 lbs
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Harvil 54" Defender Foosball Table Review

The Harvil Defender Foosball Table is designed with rowdy and, most likely, rough gameplay in mind, which is why it is made sturdy and durable. It is fitted with side and end panels, each one measuring an inch, to ensure stability. Regardless of how rough the game becomes, the foosball table should stay in place.

Length: 54"
Width: 29"
Height: 34"
Weight: 88 lbs
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