Sportcraft Foosball Tables Reviews

Founded in 1926 in the United States by Walter and Sophia Holdstein, the General Sportcraft Company was born after the couple discovered the growing popularity of backyard games in Europe, during a visit to family. The games include croquet and badminton.

The company expanded to include other family-oriented games throughout the 1900s. This is when foosball was included in the list, along with air hockey, darts, pool, and table tennis.

The foosball tables that Sportcraft produces come in many varieties, from kid-friendly toy tables to those in furniture styles. The latter makes for an elegant addition to any home, making them more than just a source of entertainment.

So it's not a surprise that furniture-style tables are preferred by homeowners.

Sportcraft foosball tables are available all over the United States. With offices in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Toronto, and Shenzhen, the company has a global presence and sells their products to over 13 million customers.

Compared to other foosball brands, however, Sportcraft table models are not chosen for use in professional foosball tournaments. This is because the product parts can't withstand the demands of complex shots and fast and intensive gameplay.

In other words, it is not a tournament-style table.

Some Popular Sportcraft Foosball Tables

Sportcraft 48" Football Foosball Table Game

Affordable and budget-friendly, this foosball table surprisingly has impressive goal posts, soft-sanded foosball ball, and realistic-looking players. It has an automatic end ball return but a manual scorekeeper.

Sportcraft AMF Torino Foosball Table

Made of a furniture-grade dark cherry wood, expect the AMF Torino to last a long time. Being the best among Sportcraft foosball tables, be ready to pay more for it.

Sportcraft Stadium Foosball Table

One of the high-end foosball tables, this furniture-style table is built sturdy and with an official tournament-sized playfield. It has traditional style foosball men, however.

Sportcraft Playmaker Foosball Table

The materials that the table has been constructed with are incredibly sturdy. The beautiful finish is scratch resistant, which is perfect, since the main intention of this table is for family recreational usage, and you really do not want children ruining that gorgeous exterior.

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Featured Tables

KICK Triumph

With its price point and style, this table is definitely recommended for anyone who loves to play foosball and is looking for a table that provides an authentic game play experience, but cannot afford to spend over $1,500 for a tournament level table.

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KICK Topaz

The KICK Topaz Foosball table is beautifully made and yet very sturdy. With its curved legs and matte black finishing, this foosball table from KICK married simplicity with function. The design provides a strong base and manages to keep the table aesthetically pleasing.

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KICK Glory

The Kick Glory 48" Foosball Table has been designed for children and foosball lovers who want to enjoy an occasional game without breaking the bank. Although lightweight, the product is made out of durable and elegant materials to ensure a satisfying gameplay.

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KICK Monarch Folding

The ease with which this fantastic foosball table compactly folds away makes it is an obvious choice for those living in small apartments or that have restricted room to play , as well as for those who like to transport the game with them on their travels.

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