So, you're a foosball fanatic and are looking to make sure that you best take care of your table. It's understandable and definitely something to applaud. After all, there are people who buy all sorts of things but never take care of them, resulting in overused, broken technology that someone else would have killed to have and taken care of. The thing about cleaning and maintaining your foosball table is that, like most things, you must do it often. It is needy because the odds are that you're using it a lot and will wear down accordingly. Here are the essentials to remember.

Firstly, make sure you keep track of how often you use your table, approximately. You must make sure that you clean your table once a week if you use it continuously and often. If you are a more recreational player or only use it during parties, cleaning it once a month should keep it in order. That being said, make sure you keep an eye on it to make sure it is holding up over time. If you notice that it's starting to look rundown, you may want to consider cleaning it more often.

How to Clean Your Foosball Table

You must make sure that you clean and take care of every part of your foosball table. Start with a can of compressed air to blow away any particles and dust that are in hard-to-reach places. Make sure you get into all the nooks and crannies with this can, as it can lead to a better overall appearance and health of your machine. The main problem that keeps you machine under the weather is the fact that food and drink often get spilled onto the table while playing and get struck in the tiny spaces a cloth can't reach. Make sure you start the process with the compressed air and you'll see the difference it will make.

Next, get a dry cleaning cloth (soft and free from chemicals) and wipe down every part of your machine, including the rod handles and men. This will free the surfaces from any noticeable debris and spillage. You may notice, upon finishing, that there are still some stains. Don't worry, as that will come after the initial cleaning stage. If you can, remember to wipe down the legs and even the bottom part of the foosball table, as you never know how far dust can run to hide from you, after all. This stage is great for making the next one easier.

Take a clean cloth (also soft and chemical free) and apply some rubbing alcohol to it. For best results, use one that is 70%-80% by volume. Carefully wipe down every surface of the table like you did with the dry cloth. If you use it sparingly, you'll notice that the rubbing alcohol will evaporate quickly. It will not leave residue or a smell as long as you use it in the right quantities. This alcohol will both clean and sanitize your table from top to bottom, so make sure you are thorough and get in all the hard-to-reach places. If there are black marks from the balls, rub at them as hard as it takes to get them off, being careful not to harm the rods or men, of course.

Lastly, use foosball silicone on the rods, which will apply a slick (not slippery) finish to the rods resulting in a smoother and well-working game. This is something that is specifically designed for foosball tables, so it will not impact you game and will actually keep everything functioning as well as possible. After all, it's all well and good to have a clean table, but it's no good if the rods aren't working properly. On that same note, make sure to never use WD-40 on the rods, as it will make the rods too slippery at first and then degrade them overtime, causing poor games and malfunctioning equipment.

If you find that your foosball balls are looking ragged, clean them down with the rubbing alcohol as best you can. If they are still looking worse for wear, put them in a tied off sock and run them through the washing machine with a load of whites. Do not put them in the dryer, and let them air-dry instead. Odds are, they'll look much better after this process.

Maintaining Your Foosball Table

It should be mentioned that foosball tables are only meant for indoor use, so your table will wear down faster if you are using it outside or anywhere the elements can get at it. Make sure you keep it at room temperature, and keep it away from direct sun exposure as much as possible.

In maintaining your foosball table, check your rods and med regularly. They may need to be fixed and realigned, especially if you use your table roughly and regularly. If the men are not properly aligned, they will cause a poor game with bad passing, and quite often, they will splinter and break mid-game. So, take care of the men and they will provide you with the best quality game you could ask for.

When moving your foosball table, make sure you don't drag it, so lift it instead. Put the anti-slip grips on the feet of the table when you first get it, and this will keep the feet in perfect condition and keep it from unnecessarily moving and damaging the table, especially when the game gets rough and wild. Additionally, remember to keep food and drink away from the table as much as possible so that you don't have as much debris to clean up.

You've got a lot to do to take care of your foosball table perfectly, but if you follow these crucial rules and tips, you'll see the results in the long run. You will have plenty of great games where your row of men don't let you down, and your friends won't be able to wait to come over to challenge you to another game. You can host the perfect party with a clean foosball table, so get going.