Hathaway Foosball Tables Reviews

Sleek and sexy, two words which are often used to describe Hathaway foosball tables. Whilst they do offer a number of products in their range at a variety of different price points, each and every table offered by Hathaway is designed to be the best that it possibly can be.

When you own a Hathaway table, you own it for life. These products are built like a brick wall, albeit in wood form. Not only do they look gorgeous, but there is little to no chance of damaging them. Each and every player has been carefully balanced to ensure that they offer optimum play. In fact, Hathaway has put a lot of effort into ensuring that their tables can be truly enjoyed and you will be surprised at just how much well-balanced players can add to the game.

Hathaway 56" Primo Foosball Table Review

The Hathaway Primo table is designed for intermediate players, teenagers, and adults. That's not to say that beginners couldn't play it, but the one-goalie configuration is harder to play with. If you are an experienced player, you're going to love this table because of it's sturdiness and overall quality.

Length: 56"
Width: 30.5"
Height: 34.5"
Weight: 130 lbs
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Hathaway 48" Playoff Foosball Table Review

For children or anyone playing casually, the Hathaway Playoff is sufficient. It’s not a full-sized table, nor does it have any features for experienced players. It’s a very simple, bare bones kind of a table, which is what ones in this price range are. It has the essential parts of a foosball table, but not much else.

Length: 48"
Width: 24"
Height: 33"
Weight: 49 lbs
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