Shelti is a relatively new foosball table manufacturer. This company was established with the help of investors, including top executives from Valley Recreation Products, which is the mastermind behind Tornado and Dynamo foosball tables. The company that preceded Shelti has been making game tables for over 50 years, and they released their first foosball table after launching their new company in the year of 2001.  Shelti aspires to produce the most ‘playable’ foosball table. The owners pined away for the ‘old’ days (1970s) when Dynamo ruled the land and foosball was more than a power game. That’s why they focus on mixing the American style of foosball from the early days with older European style characteristics. Their cabinetry is of high standard, and they also have some innovative designs. Shelti is also probably the only company to have enlarged the foosball man’s toe, and they have also enhanced man, ball, and surface for greater control capabilities.