Harvil is a popular brand of sporting goods and games that’s exclusively owned by Dazadi, a retailer that specializes in home recreational goods. Harvil foosball tables are available in several variants; there’s the Harvil Foosball Table and the Harvil 4-Foot Foosball Table, which are great for those who are on a tight budget and/or have limited space in their home. The brand also has the Harvil Striker 54-Inch Foosball Table, which is a better option for those who want a sleek and modern foosball table at a decent price. Of course, there’s the Harvil Beachcomber 56-Inch Foosball Table, which is ideal for those who want to play on a regulation-sized foosball table similar to those found in arcades. No matter what Harvil model you choose, you know you’ll get a foosball table with a modern design and decent craftsmanship.