Garlando is an Italian-based company officially founded in 1954. They have been manufacturing and distributing foosball tables ever since, making them one of the oldest foosball companies in the market. Garlando is popular for their quality tables being quite reasonable. With lots of exotic designs and perfect finishes, Garlando makes their tables both for commercial and personal purposes. They have two types of tables: one that requires a coin and one that does not. Though Garlando is based in Europe, they make both European and American style foosball tables that span a large variety of quality and play styles. The Garlando G-500 Soccer Table has been greatly popular all over the entire world. With chrome plated telescopic rods that have the players permanently molded into them, this table is well made and will last for years! Other models of the Garlando are made with strong colors, unique designs, and perfect finishing.