Despite other brands that have popped out in the market, Tornado remains one of the trusted names in foosball tables. Building foosball tables since 1999, you can expect experience and skills to show on every product on the market.

Used in the World Championships, a table football from Tornado is guaranteed to create a storm.

Engineer Bob Furr created the original model of Tornado and has been manufactured by Valley-Dynamo, a company that produces gaming and sporting goods. It has dominated the market in North America for 6 decades.

What makes Tornado foosball tables distinct is the unique design that is developed with the highest control of the ball in mind. The company is also known to use materials of the highest standards. That means customers will get a good investment despite the high price.

Some of the features of Tornado foosball tables include friction grip handles, playfield markings, counterbalanced men, centerless ground rods, perfectly symmetrical balls, and patented innovations.

No wonder Tornado Foosball Tables are used in America’s most important championships. They are sanctioned by the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF), United States Table Soccer Association (USTSA), United States Table Soccer Federation (USTSF), and Valley International Foosball Association (VIFA) governing bodies.

Some Foosball Tables in the Product Range
Tornado Elite
With a professional playing quality, the Tornado Elite is one of the best professional table footballs. It has no dead spots and comes with patented counterbalanced Tornado men.
Tornado T3000
This table is known for its exceptional strength, durability, and quality. It is also the standard for Tornado foosball tables used in U.S. tournaments.
Tornado Classic
A classic with a contemporary look, the Tornado Classic is famed for its heavy duty construction and use of high-quality materials.
Tornado Sport
Lighter and less beefy than other foosball tables, the Tornado Sport is a favorite for home use. But expect its features to be nothing less than professional.
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