Foosball is an incredibly fast and fantastically fun pastime that just keeps on growing in popularity.

What makes Foosball so unique is that it has successfully recreated the impassioned intensity and raging rivalry of outdoor action sports, like football and soccer, but in a more accessible and relaxed social environment.

Previously the exorbitant price tag and a lack of space prevented us from owning a table of our own.

best folding tables

Folding Foosball tables have destroyed those limitations, and so we present you with this detailed buyer’s guide to help you find the Best Folding Foosball Table to fit your needs and budget.


Nowadays it is not that uncommon to arrive a friend’s place only to discover a foosball table surrounded by a passionate pack of enthusiasts utterly absorbed by the thrill of the game.

So, if you are looking to bring a bit of that magic to your own humble abode the next time you to throw a little shindig, you will want to be confident that your table is of a good enough standard that it doesn’t disappoint your guests.

What exactly should you be looking for when shopping around for your very own foosball table?

Few important things to keep in mind are:

Material’s Used

There are a lot of substandard foosball tables on the market that lure you in with their cutthroat pricing.

But rather shop around a bit longer and spend a bit more to ensure you don’t land up with a table that is cheaply made and doesn’t have enough weight on it to allow for decent playability.

A lot of decent foldable tables are crafted with sturdy MDF and finished off with a quality PVC laminate veneer, giving you a nice looking sturdy foosball table.

There are also a few quality heavy duty plastic tables out there, but make sure the table isn’t too light or flimsy.

You also want to make sure the table comes with strong hollow steel rods that won’t easily bend if play gets a bit aggressive.

Make sure that the playing field itself is not too thin and that it isn’t made from a material that will warp as that will result in dead zones and kill the enjoyment of the game.


Have a look at the features of each table you are considering. You want to make sure it has score dials on either end, and a ball return that doesn’t take too long to return after a goal is scored and that the balls won’t get trapped in.

Whether a feature is a must have or not is generally down to your own preferences. Some tables have cup holders, some offer both 1-man and 3-man goalie set ups, some offer only one.

One feature some tables offer that can make a big difference in your overall experience is whether the players are counter balanced or not.

If players are counter balanced that means they have equal weight in the feet and head area, which means if you turn the rods half way and leave it there your player will not return to the upright position. This is particularly useful if you are playing one on one, and you don’t want your unattended players to block your shots on goal.

Adjustable Legs

This is an important feature for foosball tables as it prevents the table being unlevel and giving one side an unfair advantage.


KICK Monarch 48″ Foldable Foosball Table

This fantastic folding foosball table is as aesthetically regal as its name implies.

Its dazzling design means it delivers an overall playing experience that closely replicates that of a full-sized table, but at the fraction of a cost, and with the added functionality of it folding away for easy storage.

The KICK Monarch boasts sturdy stainless-steel rods finished in a classic chrome plating, delivering fabulously fluid gameplay, and allowing you to really pound your shots home without the risk of the rods bending.

The light wood non-slip handles ensure that you maintain comprehensive control of your players throughout each match, and the table has a handy ball return on either end of the table allowing for quick retrieval and reducing the dead time between goals.

KICK has provided the standard slide scoring system on each end of the table, and you have an option of both 1-Goalie or 3-Goalie foosball when you put the table together.

Thanks to the steady 2” leg levelers provided you can guarantee an even playing surface no matter where you decide to set up shop.

The table also comes with a Lifetime Warranty, so you can feel confident when deciding to invest in this formidable foosball table.

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René Pierre Winjoy Folding Foosball Table

The ferocious French Foosball Manufacturer – Rene Pierre – brings you this handcrafted foldable table made from the highest quality materials.

The Winjoy is a seriously sturdy table, made from hardy MDF, and boasts durable telescoping rods that are designed in a way that prevents them extending out on your opponent’s side of the table.

The playing field is covered in smooth linoleum which provides a sleek, fast game, and the table comes with two cork foosballs and built-in abacus style scoring units at each end.

Unfortunately, this table falls short of its competitors in a few key areas.

Firstly, it offers only 1-Goalie setup which is a more common style in Europe, and secondly, the Die-Cast aluminum players are not counterbalanced, which makes one man play almost impossible, or at least infuriating.

Set-up is also a bit of a nightmare, with the instructions only in French, you may need to guess your way through the building process with the help of the pictures in the guide, and maybe a French-English Dictionary if that fails.

It comes with a 1 Year Warranty on the cabinet, and a 10 Year warranty on the Die-Cast Players.

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Hathaway Gladiator 48-in Folding Foosball Table

The Hathaway Gladiator is a somewhat flamboyantly vibrant foosball table intended to be thoroughly enjoyed by the whole family.

It is a relatively cheap option, and so comes with relatively cheap features.

The Robot-Inspired graphics should be a clear enough indication that this is not a table for the more serious foosball enthusiasts, but that is not to say it cannot deliver an enjoyable playing experience.

Thanks to the “E-Z Spin” bearings, this table delivers a frightfully fast game, but ultimately this means skill plays little to no part in determining the victors.

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Sunnydaze 48-Inch Folding Foosball Game Table

The Sunnydaze Folding Foosball table is a space-saving and affordable product that is far more resilient than many other tables in this price range.

Made from 15 mm MDF and finished off with a respectable looking PVC laminate, the table is designed to make the transformation from fun foosball table to easy to store compact unit as hassle-free as possible.

It has hollow 1/2″ metal telescoping rods, plastic score counters mounted on either end, and has a 5mm green playing field bearing the customary soccer pitch setup painted in white.

Ultimately this is a table that is aimed more at children, and so the height of the table is not all that comfortable if you are particularly tall.

For the price, this table delivers hours of fantastic family fun, but you will be quickly disappointed if you were expecting it to provide a similar playing experience to a full-sized table.

So as long as you keep your expectations within reason, this table is certainly worth considering.

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Out of the four tables reviewed, only the Kick Monarch and the René Pierre Winjoy come close to delivering a foosball experience similar to that of a full-sized table.

The Kick Monarch, however, comes in at a fraction of the cost of the Winjoy, and is all round a superior table.

Definitely my first choice when it comes to foldable foosball tables.

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