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Tornado is a name now synonymous with the game of Foosball itself, which is why their revered tables have featured at the World Championships since 1986.
A fairly new addition to their range, the Reagan is sophisticated foosball table that readily meets the high levels of quality we have come to expect from Tornado.


Tornado’s revolutionary “Cross-Hatch Toe” design, along with the table’s counter weighted men, means the Reagan delivers unbelievably precise game control.

The rods have hollow cores, which with the table’s split bearings, provides a stunningly smooth sliding action.

The sturdy 3/4″ playing field is topped with phenomenal graphics, aiding your shot accuracy.

Carefully crafted using solid maple, the cabinet has been mitered at the joins for additional strength, and is elegantly finished with “Decorative Dentil” molding.

Has adjustable leg levelers to ensure a perfectly level playing.


This kind of elegance does not come cheap, this table currently sells for just over $2000.



tornado reagan table

Materials Quality American solid Maple built construction
Rods Hollow Core Rods and split bearings for smoother play.
Dimensions Length: 56″ Width: 30″ Height: 36″; Weight: 255 lbs
Board Thickness 3/4″
Features Quality American solid Maple built construction, Patented 3-piece bearings, Counter weighted men, Tornado patented ball, men and bumpers provide professional grade playability
Price $$$$$$ (check here)
Guarantee 1 year


The Tornado Reagan is a remarkably robust table that was intended to be the last table you will ever need to buy.

A terrifically tough table, it weighs in at about 225lbs which means you definitely don’t have to hold back when looking to score a thunderous goal from the back of the table.

The entire table has been crafted from superior strength Maple (a material so strong it has long been trusted in the manufacturing of bowling pins, baseball bats, and even butcher’s blocks), and the cabinet itself is 1 ½” thick mitered maple and so is an astoundingly sturdy product.

The playfield is also finished with a hardwearing urethane texture which also makes it easy to clean and carryout general maintenance.


No matter how experienced a foosball player you are, or how many quality tables you have played on, your first game on the Tornado Reagan is certain to be a mind-blowing experience.

Thanks to its hollow core rods and the ingenious split bearings that allow for fast response and smooth gliding through the table, gameplay on the Reagan is absolutely riveting.

The perfectly counterweighted players, the intricately designed “Cross-Hatch Toe” feature, and the easy grip octagonal natural wood handles, all allow for unbelievably accurate control over your men, and really allows the more accomplished foosball players a chance to show off their sublime skills.

The Reagan has a detailed full-sized playfield with vivid markings that add even more to the overall gameplay, providing precisely placed graphics to assist you in making some of the more difficult shots from anywhere on the field.

The urethane texture of the field also makes for greatly improved ball control.

The table comes with perfectly symmetrical foosball balls included with your purchase, and the ball returns are located on the sides rather than the ends of the table, which means the time between scoring a goal and kick off is drastically reduced.

High quality abacus scoring units are provided at either end of the table to keep track of which side is taking the lead.


The Tornado Reagan must be one of the most aesthetically astounding foosball tables available on the market today.

It boasts a classically elegant design, from the magnificent maple finish to the decorative dentil moldings, which means this table would be right at home in even the most sophisticated of settings.

Who’s It For?

This table was definitely designed to cater for the more experienced foosball fanatics out there, as they will be able to truly appreciate the massive difference a high-quality table such as this makes to your overall foosball experience.

But that doesn’t mean that social or less experienced players should be excluded from enjoying everything this table has to offer.

If anything, newcomers should be encouraged to play on this table as is likely to instill a passion for the game in almost anyone that has the opportunity to experience what this table can do!

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