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The table takes less than twenty minutes to put together. Highly affordable, despite being virtually suitable for competitive play.


There are zero cons to the Warrior foosball table which are worth mentioning.



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Materials MDF
Board Thickness 3/4″
Rods Hollow steel
Dimensions 54 5/8″L x 31 ½”W x 36 ½”H; 226Lbs
Features Fast to assemble, adjustable levelers, three man goalie defense style, counter-balanced men
Price $$
Warranty 1 year
Manufactured USA


The Warrior foosball table, despite the low price in comparison to some of the higher end tables on the market, is one of the most durable foosball tables out there.

The table has been constructed from MDF with laminate surface. The laminate surface is virtually scratch and mark proof. If you treat this table with respect, and you are sure to do so when you pay this much for it, you will be enjoying a table which really looks fantastic for many years to come.

The MDF constructed offers a decent amount of durability to the table. Unlike standard wood, you are not going to need to need to worry about warping if you are located in an area known for high heat and humidity. However, you will always want to keep it out of the sun whenever possible.

It is worth noting that the MDF construction ensures that the table is light. This does not mean that the table is going to be rocking about every which way when you play on it. It simply means that the table is going to be easy to move about when it is not in use. This makes the table ideal for situations where you do not want a table set up permanently.

This table has been constructed to a competition standard. This means that the user of the Warrior foosball table can look forward to incredibly comfortable hand-grips with absolutely no slippage on them. The durability of the legs on this table will ensure that it remains locked into place, even during the most intensive of foosball games.


The Warrior foosball table makes use of counter-balanced men. For those who have used them before, you will know just how great they are to play with. There is a high degree of fluidity in the motion which makes games fast-paced and highly-controlled. If you are a regular foosball player, you will absolutely love just how smooth the gameplay is on the Warrior foosball table.

The ball that comes with the Warrior foosball table works incredibly well in combination with the playing surface. Many people report that the way in which the ball ‘grips’ the surface really helps when it comes to the control of the players. In fact, many competition players report that their ball control is some of the best it has ever been when they use this particular table.

The playing surface is slow and controlled. The walls of the table are slightly less responsive than you may find on other foosball tables. However, that is not going to matter too much. The lower response means that you are going to find it slightly easier to line up that shot and score a goal! However, many people do report that the slightly lower response rate means that you are going to need to put a bit more pressure into your shots to really help to minimize dead ball situations.

However, if you can do this, and the vast majority of tournament players, and even newbies to the world of foosball are going to be able to do that, you will find that this is one of the most beautiful foosball tables that you have ever played on.


Despite not having a solid wood construction like other foosball tables (albeit more expensive ones), the Warrior foosball table still manages to look great. The sleek, black finish ensures that the table is able to fit easily into just about any décor you can imagine.

As mentioned previously, the laminate coating is fairly resilient to damage too. This ensures that the table is going to stay looking brilliant for as long as possible.

Who’s It For?

The Warrior foosball table is for just about anybody who wishes for a professional-level table at a highly-competitive price. Brendan Flaherty, the designer of this table, originally intended for the foosball table to be affordable and usable for youth programs and the like. However, the low price of the table has meant that it has been able to find its way into many homes around the globe.

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