Composite Rating: 3_16_stars


  • The unit is not pricey but already durable
  • Has a lifetime warranty by KICK
  • Beautifully designed
  • Great customer service


  • The weight may be too light for bigger players
  • By default, uniformed plastic men is used instead of a counter-balanced set



kick venture table kick venture table

Materials Wood grain finish (body), wooden handles, chrome plated and semi-solid steel rods, plastic men
Rods 1/2″ Semi-Solid Stainless Steel Chrome-Plated Rods
Dimensions 55″ L X 28″ W X 36″ H; 110 lbs
Board Thickness 1/2″
Features Premium Bearings, 5’’ Leg Levelers with Skid Stop Bottoms, 1 goalie/3 goalie option, Non-slip handles with safety caps, 2 Official KICK foosballs
Price $$ (check here)
Manufactured by Kick Sport


A Foosball game can be very intense at times, making the durability of a particular Foosball table a constant subject for concern when you are looking to buy one.

The Kick Venture Foosball table being priced below $400 definitely makes you wonder if it is built strongly enough for such a low price. But although it is not pricey, one must consider that KICK brand is well known for offering an excellent customer support. They offer a lifetime warranty on all of their tables, including this one.

The rods are made of semi-solid steel and coupled with wooden handles, which makes for a solid grip. This formidable combination helps this foosball table able to endure aggressive and powerful strikes.

Due to its lack of weight, the durability level of the Venture foosball table may not be at the level that is appropriate for upper-mid level to professional players.

Lastly, the KICK Venture Foosball table is covered by KICK’s lifetime warranty, which will definitely help extend the durability and usability of the foosball table.


The KICK Venture foosball table is an excellent table to practice and use for recreational purposes at home.

Having a combination of durable wooden handles and premium bearings at base of its rods, it offers a smooth feel to the users when playing a game.

The table being made of lighter materials a stronger player might affect the steadiness of the table which will in turn affect the overall gameplay. This is countered by its Skid Stop Bottom that prevents the table from being easily moved around.

The plastic men makes it a bit harder to play if the game is a one-on-one because you have to manually turn up those in front to avoid self-blocking yourself if you want to goal a long shot.

The foosball table having slide scoring mounted at each end of the table will allow a game to be played without a third person to take note of the scores because each player can just easily do it themselves.

A game reload is reasonably fast because of the Front Ball Return mechanisms at each side of table that are easily reachable by the players. This makes ‘speed-gaming’ possible if you are in the mood for it.


The KICK Venture Foosball table is another product beautifully made by KICK. The body has a fine premium wood grain finish that is as beautiful to look at as it is smooth to the touch. The legs of ebony are also as sturdy as it looks giving the whole foosball table a touch of grandeur.

At the same time it has a welcoming look that easily draws your attention. This contrast of color between the body and the legs makes the whole table really pop and help it to easily stand out.

The table’s size helps to say that this table is not only for the young and will invite even your adult friends to play a quick game or two whenever they are around.

Who’s It For?

The KICK Venture Foosball table is great table for beginners to start learning how to play the game. For a table at this price range it offers a lot of features that can make it a table usable for intermediate players.

For example, the Skid Stop bottom compensates for the its lack of weight making it to be a good enough foosball table for bigger players to play with, as long as the game will not be too intense. Being almost a full-size table also helps it be more available to a wider range of players – albeit only for recreational games.

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  • Becky says:

    LOVE this table! Great for beginners, very easy to assemble, looks cool in my living room. I have spoken with a few people over at Kick and every time they are knowledgeable and helpful beyond belief! Looking forward to so many hours of foos on this great table!!

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