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    Elegant and durable design, Unlimited lifetime warranty, side ball return, Premium bearings, No-slip wooden handles, great value, outstanding customer support, same day shipping


    not as sturdy as professional models



kick onyx table kick onyx table kick onyx table

Materials MDF
Rods 1/2″ Semi-Solid Stainless Steel Chrome-Plated Rods
Dimensions 55″ L X 30″ W X 36″ H; 151 lbs
Board Thickness 1/2″
Features counterbalanced men set with uniformed men set, premium bearings, semi-solid steel chrome-plated rods, no-slip wooden design handles
Price $$ (check here)
Manufactured by KICK Sport


KICK Onyx Foosball Table is built to provide an equally durable and tough design. It has a ½” thick playing field that adds to the durability of the foosball table design. The 5” sturdy leg levelers combined with the rubber bottom make this product suitable even for excessive use. In addition, it has premium bearings, which means that the design has been focused on durability.

Even with the heavy use on a daily basis, the wooden no-slip handles can withstand it all. This is quite fitting for users who want to enjoy a fast-paced gaming experience. The sturdy and solid build of the KICK Onyx Foosball Table is not only a testament to its durability, but also an assurance that anyone can use it even without prior experience. So you are assured that the parts comply with the needs of amateur or intermediate players.

Contrary to plastic handles used in most Foosball Table designs, KICK Onyx Foosball Tables come with wooden handles. So, even if other users wouldn’t care as much as you do when handling the apparatus, it would probably last longer than its rival designs.


The Onyx Foosball Table might not appeal to everyone without prior experience in this gaming apparatus, but it is built to provide a great gameplay for experienced users. The full-sized 55” height should be suitable for beginners and intermediate foosball players.

Gameplay never looked this good, as it has a set of counterbalanced men wherein 13 of which are yellow and the other 13 are available in white. It also has a 26-piece uniformed men set that you can use to enjoy the game of foosball.

Scoring is also easy to monitor as you can slide the scoring being mounted on each end. You can also have some player preferences, such as 1-goalie and 3-goalie designs.


You can say that the KICK Onyx Foosball Table has more than you have bargained for. Overall, the product has been made out of high quality materials. So, you are able to play the game without having to worry about losing control of the table.

In addition, the matte black finish, thick cabinets, and durable legs of the KICK Onyx Foosball Table intend to bring out the best in you. If you are looking to maximize your foosball game experience, you should look no further. The KICK Onyx Foosball Table simply has what it takes for your advantage.

It might be heavier than its competitors, but it can make up for in quality. The heavier the product, the more durable it should be because of the sturdier materials used in the process. Likewise, it gives more value for money, because it is designed to give 100% lifetime warranty on all its parts.

Who’s It For?

This is a perfect gift for your teenage daughter or son, in which they can enjoy with friends or family. You will make them definitely happy if you buy this for your child because it can provide hours of fun as it can be used to compete with anyone in the family.

The company assures their customers total satisfaction, because it is designed to provide maximum playability and durability. At the same time, it offers professional-level features that are hard to find in other products in this price range.

The KICK Onyx Foosball Table is a product that you can use for a faster and advanced gameplay, aside from being more than able to sharpen your skills in the game of foosball. Surely, KICK Onyx Foosball Table would suit best to those who are looking for a higher level of satisfaction and gameplay.

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