Carrom Burr Oak Foosball Table

Composite Rating: 333_16_stars


Sturdiness, aesthetics, built for vigorous play, one or three goalie option, bang for the buck


No counter-balanced men or height adjustment, questionable rod quality, 90-day warranty



Carrom Burr Oak Surface Carrom Burr Oak Players Carrom 750.33 Burr Oak Men

Materials MDF
Board Thickness 1″
Rods Hollow steel
Dimensions 54″L x 29″W x 36″H; 156 lbs
Features Custom hand-painted players, enamel screen printed graphics, can choose one or three goalies
Price $$ (check here)
Warranty 90 days
Manufactured USA


While the description says that it’s made out of burr oak, it’s made out of MDF, like most tables. Like any material, not all MDF is created equal. Some are cheap, low grade, others are higher grade. Usually the thickness and price will tell you what you’re getting. I would conclude that this table is probably middle of the road in terms of quality.

It’s 1″ thick, so it does have more durability than say a 5/8″ thick table. Regardless of the material, a table that weighs this much is going to be durable.

The screen-printed line markings and graphics on the surface are protected with a coating to prevent wear and tear. The players are made out of rubber, which is more durable than plastic.


Stability is one of the elements that any experienced player requires from a foosball table. Any table that weighs more than 100 pounds is going to be solid, so one that weighs north of 150 is going to have great stability, even when play is aggressive. The 1″ thick sidewall also helps eliminate movement.

Hollow, steel rods are the best of the best. They are lighter, which leads to faster play and more fun for experienced players. However, some customers reported that the rods weren’t as smooth as you would expect because of the bearings. Others said they were smooth, so take it for what it’s worth.

The rubber grip handles may or may not be preferred depending on who you are. Some come with wood handles, but rubber ensures that your hands won’t slip.

A neat feature is being able to set the goalie configuration to one or three, depending on your preference. The three-goalie option is most common and creates faster play, while the one-goalie requires more skill and precision.

One feature that it doesn’t have is counterbalanced players. This is a feature you would expect it to have, considering the Hathaway Primo is a lower priced table that has it. Counterbalanced players stay horizontal until turned so your shot doesn’t get blocked by your own players.

A few customers said the players were too tall, so when the players are flipped upside down, the head sometimes blocks the ball.

It also doesn’t come with leg levelers, which can be used to keep the table level even when the floor isn’t. I am surprised it doesn’t have this feature, but it doesn’t matter if you have an even floor.

It is a full-sized table, which is expected in this price range, but means that it’s designed for experienced players.


The wood finish is a classic look that fits well regardless of the game room decor. The players are custom painted, which is unique. I actually prefer the robo-style players personally. The thick, heavy tables in my opinion look the best, and this one fits the bill. The playing surface has a nice matte finish to it.

Who’s It For?

I would buy this table for teenagers, adults, and intermediate players in general. This is a really good table for beginners if they were willing to invest this amount of money. It’s size and sturdiness make it suitable for aggressive play.

Customer Reviews

Store 1: 433_16_stars
Store 2: 4_16_stars
Store 3: 5_16_stars
Store 4: 3_16_stars

The composite rating is 4.2 stars. Most reviews were positive, with just a handful of negative ones mixed in. The consensus among customers:

  • much better than lower priced tables
  • heavy and sturdy
  • takes 2-3 hours to put together
  • rods could be smoother
  • players are a little too tall
  • pleased with overall quality
  • corner pieces don’t stick to surface well for one-man goalie configuration
  • most said it’s a lot of fun to play

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