Atomic Pro Force

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Affordable, hollow rods, aesthetics, level surface


Durability, not built for aggressive play



Atomic Pro Force Scoring Atomic Pro Force Surface Atomic Pro Force Surface 2 Atomic Pro Force Sidewall

Materials MDF
Board Thickness 1″
Rods Hollow steel
Dimensions 56″L x 29″W x 34″H; 108 lbs
Features 3.5″ leg levelers
Price $ (check here)
Warranty 90 days
Manufactured China


Any foosball table priced under $500 is going to have issues with durability. The benchmark weight for tables is 100 lbs. – anything less, and it’s probably not built to last. The Pro Force checks in at 108 lbs. – which is solid, but let’s just say that durability is not the strength of this table.

It has a 1″ thick MDF cabinet. The thickness is adequate, but the quality of the MDF is questionable. One review on Amazon called it “cheap particle board” and said that it couldn’t handle the insertion of screws. Again, for the price, you’re not going to get a high quality wood cabinet.

Another reviewer had this to say:

the black veneer on the legs isn’t very good. Made in China…the black veneer was super thin and was peeling at some of the edges already, which I re-glued down, and another two of the edges were bubbled and I needed to just use black duck tape to wrap around to limit the peeling.

It does have a 1/2″ thick surface to provide some durability. To put this into perspective, The Carrom Signature table as a 3/8″ surface, and it’s almost $700.


While durability is a concern – it’s still a solid table. A 108 lb table is nothing to scoff at, but it’s built for teenagers and children. If grown men use this table, it will move, but it will be stable for kids.

Reports from customers reviews indicate that the table is level – no dead spots. The levelers certainly help, but so does the 1/2″ surface. The thicker the surface, the more level it will be. The sides do have a buffer so the ball continuously stays in play. This is important, as dead spots take away from the quality of play.

The hollow rods are lighter than solid ones and create faster gameplay. They don’t come with ball bearings however, so they don’t operate as smoothly, but not a big deal for beginners and children.

I prefer ball returns on the sides – but this one has them on the ends. Players have to move and reach around to retrieve the ball each time a goal is scored.

Overall, the Atomic Pro Force is for beginners and kids. It’s not meant for aggressive play.


The wood finish gives it a traditional look, but the sleek black legs brings a modern element to it. The black surface is unconventional. Green might have worked better with the black players. Overall, it’s a nice looking table.

Who’s It For?

The Pro Force is designed for children, teenagers, and beginners. It’s a quality table for the price, but not one that I would trust to last a lifetime. It’s great for those who just play casually every so often. Those who are serious players will want something heavier. For less than $300, this is a table I would strongly consider.

Customer Reviews

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Walmart: 433_16_stars
Wayfair: 433_16_stars


  • sturdy for children
  • worth the money
  • assembly straightforward but time consuming
  • fun for kids
  • you get what you pay for

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