A brand specializing in electric technology and home furnishings, Well Universal of Songwei offers quality products and great customer service.

A credible manufacturer of state-of-the-art electric fireplaces, home furniture, and gaming tables, it was founded in 1968. Three decades after its establishment, Well Universal moved its manufacturing to China while keeping its product and service quality on par with international standards. Having passed ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO 18000 certifications, the company is often a safe choice for consumers who never compromise on quality.

Well Universal’s range of furnishings includes a plethora of living room solutions you can choose from. It is a global supplier of dining tables, dining chairs, TV consoles, wine cellars, bath vanities, curio cabinets, and increasingly advanced models of electric fireplaces.

The sleek, polished, and stylish design of Well Universal products makes for a tasteful addition to any home. Being the ideal blend of originality, elegance, and functionality, products of the brand continue to gain acceptance in households worldwide as articles of daily use. The company aims at further improving its product and service quality so that it can become the benchmark of all manufacturers of modern fireplaces and wooden furnishings.