Tornado Sport Foosball Table

Composite Rating: 333_16_stars


Durable, sturdy, aesthetics, high quality rods, made in USA


No counterbalanced players



Tornado Sport Table Surface

Materials MDF
Board Thickness 1″
Rods Hollow steel
Dimensions 56″L x 30″W x 36″H; 200 lbs
Features Height adjustment, Mahogany Melamine finish
Price $$$$ (check here)
Warranty 1 year
Manufactured USA


The Tornado Sport is a meat and potatoes kind of a table. It’s not flashy, but made with high quality. The cabinet is 1-inch thick MDF, giving it sturdiness and durability. MDF is used on almost every table, but ones in this price range are a higher grade material. It’s made in the USA, which usually means it’s made with better quality than models coming from China. Tornado is one of the top brands out there.

Durability is the strength of this table. You can count on it lasting for a long-time. It also comes with a 1-year warranty, which is better than many others out there. Though, Garlando has it beat by two years.


It’s a heavy table, weighing in at 200 lbs, and this gives it a lot of stability. Even when play becomes aggressive, it’s not going to budge. The legs are covered with boots, and shims can be placed inside of them to level the table. This provides an even playing surface for both sides.

Above all else, what anyone wants is a table that is not going to move and an even playing surface. The Tornado Sport has both.

The hollow steel rods are lighter, creating faster gameplay. Those who are experienced will love this, beginners may have a learning curve using faster rods.

The Sport is the one Tornado model without counterbalanced players. It’s a feature that anyone paying $1000 would love to see on a table. Counterbalanced players allow for smoother gameplay because the players can stay in a horizontal position at all times.

It only comes with ball returns on the ends, which makes retrieval a little more inconvenient.


The green surface, yellow and black players, and the Mahogany Melamine finish gives it a traditional yet elegant appearance. The leg levelers covering the boots makes it look more professional. Overall, it’s a sturdy, attractive table and a great fit for any game room.

Who’s It For?

The Tornado Sport is suited for teenagers, adults, intermediate, and beginner players. It’s heavy enough to handle aggressive play, but not too advanced for a beginner. If you want a table that is built to last for around $1,000, I don’t think there is a better one out there.

Customer Reviews

Store 1: 433_16_stars
Store 2: 3_16_stars
Store 3: 4_16_stars

The composite rating is 4.6 stars. Almost every review I read was positive. The consensus among customers:

  • excellent quality
  • sturdy
  • hardest part of assembly: getting rods through the poles
  • can’t go wrong with a Tornado
  • fun to play
  • smooth rods
  • only real complaint: no counterbalanced men

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