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With over sixty years in the industry, Shelti has built a strong reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality game tables. The Shelti Pro Foos III is magnificent foosball table that has a long list of fantastic features that sets it apart from its competitors.


  • Innovative foosball men design, with sharp foot edges, 880-tooth grip on the front and back of each of foosball man, and perfect counterbalancing.
  • The unique split cabinet design makes the initial assemble relatively painless, and provides easy access to the tables internal mechanisms and components, and provides great out of sight storage for your foosball accessories.
  • Side ball returns making ball retrieval as easy as you expect it to be on a table such as this.
  • Comes with injection molded urethane balls with centerless grounding that ensure enhanced ball control.


  • Naturally, a table of this caliber comes at a hefty price, and so will probably fall out of a lot of foosball enthusiast’s price range.




shelti pro foos


Materials Premium grade 1 ½” MDF, high pressure and chip resistant “Oiled Cherry” laminated finish.
Rods Machine-trued robust casehardened steel rods with permanent QPQ steel penetrating rod treatment to ensure unbelievably ultra-smooth rod action.
Dimensions 55 ¼” x 30″ x 36″ and weighs 375 lbs.
  • Side Ball return for quick retrieval and restarts.
  • Hardwood octagonal handles provide a comfortable grip.
  • Perfectly counterbalanced foosball men.
  • “Stay-in-Play” design with slightly raised edges along playfield to ensure there are no dead spots.
  • Ball server with “Ball Hold” recess.
  • Split cabinet design allows easy access to table components and provides handy storage for foosball accessories.
Price $$$$$ (check here)
Warranty Full 1-year warranty
Manufactured USA


You will struggle to find a foosball table that can compete with the Shelti Pro Foos III in terms of durability.

Constructed using high-grade MDF, and finished off with chip-resistant laminate veneer, this table can truly withstand years and years of constant use without showing any signs of weakness.

The casehardened .156” thick hollow steel rods are unbendable and finished off with octagonal hardwood handles.


The Shelti Pro Foos III delivers a foosball experience like no other table before it.

The table comes standard with the three-goalie setup, but Shelti offers a one-goalie conversion kit for those who prefer the European style of the game, or those who like a bit of variety in their foosball clashes.

The foosball men boast an innovative design, boasting 880-tooth grip on both sides that ensures unrivaled ball control and thanks to sharp edge feet you will be firing furiously fast shots from anywhere on the table.

The goals are made of thick aluminum, giving off a thunderous rattle to ensure every goal is celebrated in true style.

Perfectly counterbalanced men and the “Lock-on-Men” compression bumpers ensure your foosball men only move where you want them to, and you will not have your experience marred by things like “slopped” or “walking” men.

The formidably hardy rods are machine-trued, and the table boasts QPQ rod-treatment that guarantees the most fluid of rod movements. Another great feature is the “Stay-in-Field” playfield trim that has the entire perimeter ever so slightly raised to ensure no dead spots on the fully reinforced and responsive playfield.

The table has super-strength leg levelers to support the hefty 375lbs weight of the table, and your purchase includes 5 urethane balls that are designed to deliver effortless ball control, “super Lube” rod oil to keep movement smooth, and a pin punch and a rod support block to assist you in the table assembly process.


You can tell that this is a top-quality foosball table just by looking at it, with the 3 ½” by 5 ½” burly black legs supporting the 17 ½” “Oiled Cherry” laminate cabinet apron, this table truly is a piece of unrivaled excellence.

Who’s It For?

The Shelti Pro Foos III is for the more serious foosball players that can really take advantage of all that this table offers. The table’s robust construction also makes it a perfect choice for use in high traffic areas like bars or community centers.

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