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Roberto Sport Foosball Tables are considered the crème de la crème of European foosball table manufacturers, and this probably thanks to the seventy plus years’ worth of experience that this hard-working, innovative Italian company has under its belt.

The long legacy of high quality, reliable craftmanship attached to Roberto Sports sees the Company listed as an official table partner of the International Table Soccer Federation.

The Roberto Scout International Table is a full sized, free play table that delivers a fantastic game of foosball for both novices and aficionados alike.


  • The telescopic rods reduce the chances of injuries, making this table a great option for families with small children or clumsy adults.
  • The rods are coated with anti-rust chromium, ensuring the longevity of the table.
  • The playfield is made from unbreakable 5mm sandblasted tempered glass that provides great ball traction and gives the table a unique look.


  • Ball returns are located at the ends of the tables instead of at the middle, delaying the time taken to restart the game following a goal.
  • This table does not have adjustable feet, so you will have to ensure you find level floor to set the table up or deal with one side having an automatic advantage.




tornado reagan table


Materials MDF legs, high-grade melamine table, tempered glass top
Rods 16 mm telescopic steel rods that have been treated with anti-rust chromium.
Dimensions 51.2″ x 43.3″ x 35.4″ and weighs 110 lbs
  • Rounded design foosball men
  • 5mm sandblasted tempered glass playfield.
  • Plastic bushings for reduced friction.
Price $$$ (check here)
Warranty 2 Year, bumper to bumper warranty
Manufactured Europe


The main table section of the Roberto Sport Scout is constructed with the highest-grade melamine board and finished with a tough yet aesthetically pleasing veneer.

The legs are crafted using stoically solid MDF, and the overall sturdiness of this table is compounded with the aid of crossbeams.

The playfield is made from terrifically tough 5mm tempered glass that Roberto Sport insists is unbreakable.

Add in the anti-rust chromium coating of the sturdy rods, and it becomes easy to see that Roberto Sport has delivered a table that was built to deliver years of action-packed use.


Following the European style one-man goalie set up, this table is intended for a slightly more controlled and deliberate game that is better experienced using the softer and subtly slower cork balls or the textured balls favored in the USA.

The remarkably robust rods are telescopic, which is especially useful if you enjoy a one on one contest from time to time because it means you will not have to cautiously navigate yourself around your opponent’s rods when racing up and down the table in frenzied play.

You will also notice as soon as you start playing just how smooth the rods are when moving your foosball men around, this is thanks to the plastic bushings fitted to drastically reduce friction.

The rounded design of the foosball men allows for some quality ball control, and the sandblasted tempered glass playfield provides decent traction so, while we would suggest cork or textured foosball balls, you will find that even traditional and smooth foosball balls manage to provide a far more composed and controlled game than we have become accustomed to when using them on other foosball tables.


The sandblasted tempered glass playfield is finished with well-defined classic soccer pitch graphics that contrast fantastically well with the funkier fun arcade-like colors and graphics used on the rest of the table.

Who’s It For?

This table is really for anyone who wants to throw themselves fully into the fantastically fun world of foosball. The telescopic rods make this table particularly safe for children, but the overall quality build of the table ensures the Roberto Scout International Table delivers a game that even the most experienced foosball fanatics will love.

The table is also perfect for communal games rooms in places like backpacker lodges or university dorms as it more than hardy enough to withstand the constant abuse that accompanies that kind of environment.

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