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Fun to play, sturdy, attractive, durable, counterbalanced men, ergonomic handles


Potential dead spots, style of play not for everyone.




Materials Grade MDF
Board Thickness 3/4″
Rods Steel Telescopic
Dimensions 59″L x 41″W x 36″H; 200 lbs
Features Die cast metal hand painted men, counterbalanced men, ergonomic handles
Price $$$$ (check here)
Warranty 1 year: cabinet; lifetime: die cast men
Manufactured France


The Rene Pierre Champion is made in France. Having reviewed multiple tables produced in Europe, they seem to be made with quality. The Champion is no exception.

The cabinet is made out of grade MDF, which is basically a higher quality version of what you see on lesser expensive models.

What is surprising about some high priced European tables is that they’re 3/4″ thick. One example is the Garlando F-2000. Almost every table that costs over $1,000 is an at least 1″. Is is a big deal? Yes and no. A thicker cabinet gives the table more stability and durability. However, it’s not as big of a deal because the overall quality and weight of the cabinet is excellent.

The playfield is made out of linoleum. The high quality grades are known to be flexible and durable.

The die cast metal men are almost unbreakable, but what’s impressive is that they come with a lifetime warranty. If one ever did break, you’re covered.


This is where the Rene Pierre Champion really shines. European tables are known more for their finesse style, which emphasizes control and touch as opposed to American tables, which are known for power and speed.

The Champion has special ergonomic handles so players can get optimal control and grip. It also comes with corked balls as opposed to the traditional hard plastic ones. Hence, the gameplay is going to be a little slower.

A 200 pound foosball table is heavy-duty. It’s not going to move during a game, even if players are really going at it. A sturdy table is essential for high quality gameplay, and the Champion fits the bill. The 5-inch angled legs and cross panel contribute to the overall stability.

The telescopic rods are designed for safety, primarily for when children are playing. These rods are designed so they don’t pop out on the other side, which prevents players from being poked. These rods are incredibly smooth and create fast gameplay for those who are skilled.

The Champion also has counterbalanced men, a great feature that few tables have. It provides players with maximum control of the men by lifting their feet up to create more room for passing and shooting. The side ball return allows for convenient retrieval for the players.

The only potential negative is a dead spot or two if the table is not level. The legs don’t have levelers, so if the table is placed on an uneven floor, there is no way to adjust. A customer review did mention dead spots.

A table like this emphasizes precision, so those who are more skilled will have a greater appreciation for it. Those who are just interested in just hitting the ball around might find an American style table more fun to play with.


Most tables have a box shape, but the Champion looks more like an egg. The cabinet has a nice wood finish. The players are made with a lot of detail. I noticed in the video that the surface has sort of a rough look to it. It’s made out of linoleum, as previously mentioned, and looks different than traditional MDF surfaces. Overall, it’s an attractive table that has some curves to it, giving it a softer appearance.

Who’s It For?

The Champion is designed for intermediate to advanced players who have around $1400 to spend on a foosball table. It’s durable and allows for sophisticated gameplay. You can’t go wrong with it if you want an upper-echelon table.

Customer Reviews

Store 1: 433_16_stars
Buzzillions: 433_16_stars

What customers had to say:

  • fun to play
  • very durable
  • worth the money
  • high quality
  • easy assembly

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    I have a vintage Rene Pierre Westerner foosball table and I am having trouble locating information and value. Was hoping you could recommend a site that could help. Thank you.

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