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  • High-quality foosball table that offers stability and strength
  • Comes with a removable manual scoreboard
  • Shipped with 8 round urethane balls
  • Counter-balanced men, made of high stress ABS


  • Has plastic handles instead of wood



playcraft tournament table playcraft tournament table playcraft tournament table

Materials High-pressure laminate
Rods tubular steel rods
Dimensions 56.8 x 29.8 x 36 inches; 220 lbs
Board Thickness 3/4″
Features High-strength ABS players, flat and smooth table playing surface, cherry color, 3 player goalie
Price $$$$ (check here)
Manufactured by Playcraft


With walls that measure 1.5 inches and made of high-pressure laminate, the Playcraft Tournament Foosball Table is durable enough to survive aggressive gameplay. This is especially true with the stainless steel hardware that is assembled with the cabinet through attached point, effectively reinforcing strength and stability.

High-pressure laminate is also used to create the playing surface which guarantees a flat and smooth playing area. This means the ball will just roll to the direction set without hitting bumps and humps.

The steel rods, on the other hand, are made of high carbon tubular steel and measures a half-inch diameter. It underwent a triple hard plating process to achieve a smooth chrome finish and to combine reflex and strength.

Considering the role of the playing rods in the game, Playcraft Tournament definitely got it right when they made them strong and responsive. The choice of material used results in a lightweight, easy-to-maneuver playing rod.

The players are made of high-strength ABS, a material known for its toughness and impact resistance. These guarantees players that can withstand constant pounding for extended periods.
It would be long before dents will show on the ABS men.

They are also counterbalanced, so positioning them at any desired angle is not a problem. Steel spring pins are used to attach the players to the rod, which create an ultra-strong hold.

The Playcraft Tournament Foosball Table is shipped with 8 round balls made of urethane and abraded to ensure controlled grip.


This foosball table is built to withstand rough and aggressive gameplay. It is built with stability in mind and will stay on one place, even with rough handling.

This kind of feature matters to achieve high-quality gameplay, and this is exactly what you get from the Playcraft Tournament Foosball Table. Whether you want it mild or rough, the table will survive.

This makes gameplay less restricted where table construction is concerned. Players can enjoy as much time they want with the foosball table without the worries of it collapsing.

The rods’ reflex and strength result in easy navigation of players, making it easier and quicker to block a shot and keep the opponents from scoring. You can be sure that the rods will respond to your reflexes accordingly.

No need to worry about dislodging the ABS players as well, regardless of how hard you hit the ball with them since they are held in place with a super-strong steel spring.

Because the ABS men are counterbalanced, you can play even with your lonesome. The men will stay at an angle you set them so you can move the ball to the goal without obstruction.

The urethane ball’s abrasion, on the other, lets you control it with great precision, which would work to your advantage if you know how.


The cherry color of the foosball table gives it an elegant look. It will look grand in a fancy game room or a man cave, regardless of the interior style.

Of course, it will look more at home in a traditional or classic surrounding. Imagine it being surrounded by Federal furniture.

The green-colored playing field and white inner walls create a striking contrast to the cherry cabinet and dark legs.

Who’s It For?

The Playcraft Tournament Foosball Table is a high-end table which could satisfy players of all levels and withstand the toughest gameplay. As a full-sized table with tournament grade characteristics it definitely holds appeal to intermediate and advanced players. However, at this price point it might be a safer bet to go with some of the better known models which have been on the market for a longer time and have proven their worth.

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