Foosball tables are a great recreational addition to your home because of their entertainment value and family-fun qualities. Most of the time, you can purchase a good quality foosball table from a sporting and gaming manufacturing company depending on size, features, and price. Foosball tables can also be purchased used through sites such as Craigslist and eBay for consumers looking to beat the commonly high retail prices of brand new products. There are positive and negative sides to both options. Here is a breakdown of purchasing a new foosball table versus opting for a used foosball table.

New Foosball Tables


1. You know what you’re getting

When buying a new foosball table directly from a reputable manufacturer, whether online or in person, you have absolute assurance that what you’re getting reflects what they are advertising.

2. New product equals high quality

If you’re paying a decent price for a new foosball table, the product is likely of higher quality because of the lack of wear and tear that you might otherwise see on a used foosball table that’s already been played. Damaged playing surfaces and bent foosball rods are some of the primary concerns of purchasing a table that’s been used for quite a while already, and these factors can ruin the gaming experience. New tables will most likely offer a smoother and more durable design that hasn’t been broken or worn down over time and use. If you want to have absolute assurance that the table you are purchasing is meet your expectations, a new table is the way to go.


1. High retail price

Purchasing a new foosball table can range from being reasonably priced to extremely price, depending on the size and quality table that you are looking for. Oftentimes, higher quality, larger, and more professional styled foosball tables will be priced rather high, some can even be more than $1,000. Add in the cost for shipping, and you could really be breaking your budget. If you’re concerned about pricing or have a strict budget but want to try and aim for a higher quality table, you might be able to get a decent used table for a price lower than the retail cost.

Used Foosball Tables


1. Beating retail prices

If you’re lucky, you can manage to snag a high quality used foosball table that is still in good condition for less than the retail price. People may even sell you used tables that have barely even been used, and are still in great condition.

2. Ease

Buying a used foosball table is easier than you might think. You can use Craiglist or eBay to find used tables in your local area, and you can even subset the shipping costs by finding a used table nearby that you can pick up instead of getting shipped.


1. False appearances

One of the primary concerns with buying used foosball tables is purchasing a table that ends up appearing different than it did online. When looking at used tables, sometimes it can be hard to determine from the pictures if the table is of good quality, and sellers are not always truthful. Make sure you ask about the condition of the playing surface, the foosball players, and the rods, or if the seller is from your local area ask if you can see the table in person before making the purchase.

2. Don’t let the prices fool you

If you’re searching for a used foosball table, you are undoubtedly looking for the best deals. Sometimes it can be difficult to know if you are paying the right price for the condition of the table. Make sure you do some price research before locking down on a table, and search for the original retail prices of the brand and types of table you are looking at. Read through the seller’s description, look at the pictures, and determine if you think the price is right for what you are getting.

When it comes to buying a foosball table, determining whether you should go for new or used depends on the amount you’re willing to spend, how flexible you are with the table’s condition, and what quality you’re expecting.

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