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    durable, great aesthetics, lifetime warranty, counterbalanced men, available with or without expert assembly, 2-day shipping with Amazon Prime, affordable


    not as sturdy as high-end tables, few dead spots, Non-adjustable legs (update: newest version of the table includes table levelers)



kick solstice table kick solstice table kick solstice table

Materials MDF
Rods 5/8″ Semi-Solid Stainless Steel Chrome-Plated Rods
Dimensions 55″ L X 30″ W X 36″ H; 130 lbs
Board Thickness 1/2″
Features Slide scoring on each end of the table, NoSlip Grip wooden handles with screws, front ball return on each end of the table, 2 KICK premiere and 2 soccer balls, ramp kit, premium bearings
Price $$ (check here)
Manufactured by KICK Sport


The KICK Solstice foosball table comes with a lifetime warranty that you may not need because the table is quite sturdy and made of quality materials. Manufactured by one of the newer but trusted names in the Foosball industry, you can be sure that the KICK Solstice will last a long time.

Of course, there are factors that can shorten its lifespan. Lack of maintenance and care, for example, can take out years from the table’s working life. Aggressive gameplay or simply an act of aggressiveness directed towards the table can also hasten wear and tear.

But where durability is concerned, KICK Solstice takes a big score. It will last for many games. No doubt about it.

First addition of this table didn’t include leg levelers. However, with the latest version manufacturer decided to include them so you can rest assure the table board will always be perfectly leveled with a bit of adjustment.

KICK Solstice has rods made of semi-solid steel that is chrome-plated. Since the rods are not hollow, they will endure a lot of rotating, pulling, and pushing. The chrome plating also helps ensure that the outside surface will not peel anytime soon.

The counter-balanced men are a surprising feature of this table as they are usually found on high end tables. They are made of a durable material which means they can withstand being hit by the ball many times over.

With a solid body overall, the KICK Solstice can be your foosball buddy for many years.


Combined with front ball return set on each side of the table, counter-balanced foosball men, semi-solid steel rods, leg levelers and optional corner-ramps (come with the latest model), this table offers a great value.

The counterweighted men, in particular, ensure that the uniformed players do not get in the way, allowing for an easy pass of the ball. This also means you can play all by your lonesome and not worry about the players in the way.

The materials used for the rod, however, will pose a major challenge. It will not be as quick and smooth to use as hollow rods, and prolonged gameplay may lead to wrist strain. Then again, what’s a good game without a bit of a challenge, right?

The rods also come with NoSlip grip wooden handles for easy and secure handling. And because they’re made of wood, your hands would not smell like rubber.

The KICK Solstice has both one-man goalie and three-man goalie configuration, complete with a ramp kit. This makes it a versatile option where beginners and experienced players can both enjoy.
Suffice to say that you only need one table to provide a game option for different players with different skill levels. With this foosball table, gameplay can range from fun to challenging.


The KICK Solstice foosball table has a design inspired by European models and reliable overall look. The lack of frills and added accessories help maintain its originality.

The legs might seem less solid than if they were fixed on the corner and built like columns, but they are sturdy and stable. With the latest model you also get table levelers, so your table can be adjusted even if your floor isn’t perfectly even.

Because the table’s surface is not made of a sticker, you don’t need to worry about it rolling up and ruining your gameplay.

The blue and red counterweighted foosball men add a pop of color to the wide expanse of green on the table’s surface.

Who’s It For?

Because of its reasonable price, solid construction, one-man goalie or three-man goalie design and corner ramps, the KICK Solstice foosball table is suited for almost everyone. Both beginners and intermediate players can use it and have fun. However, serious and highly ambitious players will want to get a tournament level table instead.

Whether you have little skills or have yet to acquire them, this foosball table can be your training ground.

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