Kick Glory Foosball Table

Composite Rating:


  • Easy Directions and Assembly
  • Reasonably Durable for its price; elegant build
  • Kick brand quality with unlimited lifetime warranty
  • Chrome-plated rods


  • Smaller in size than a full-sized table
  • 1/4″ thick playing field, small weight
  • Not intended for rough and fast gameplay

Where to Buy

kick glory table kick glory table

Materials MDF (body), wooden handles, semi-solid steel rods, plastic men
Rods 1/2″ semi-solid stainless steel chrome plated rods
Dimensions 48” x 24” x 31”; 53 lbs
Board Thickness 1/4″
Features sturdy leg levelers, no-slip grip handles, premium bearings, free shipping, free rod lubricant
Price $ (check here)
Manufactured by Kick Sports


Lets be honest – at this price point you cannot expect a world-class table. However, Kick Sports Foosball tables are made of quality materials and their customer support is excellent. The great news is that Kick Sports guarantees to satisfy and offers years of gameplay for everyone with its solid build and lifetime manufacturer warranty.

The 48″ Kick Glory Foosball Table should withstand daily wear-and-tear even in the hands of inexperienced users. In addition, its quality chrome-plated rods and wooden handles should give it a more elegant look. Unlike its plastic counterparts, the 48″ Foosball Table from Kick Sports guarantees easy-grip wooden handles that would last for years.

If you take care of the table and don’t abuse it with extreme and constant gameplay you can expect it to last for years.


Among the great returns that you can get out of investing in Kick Glory Foosball Table is a solid gameplay, which would be suited for kids, teens and even adults can enjoy an occasional game. This might not be designed to suit experienced players, but it sure can give a positive impression for visitors or older family members.

The sturdy leg levelers mean that it is not only built for satisfaction, but also for increased stability during gameplay. The playing field is 1/4″ thick which is enough to withstand an occasional play from teens or adults. Even if you apply more pressure on the table when playing, you are guaranteed that it will stay in place.

One of the things that you would love with the 48″ Kick Glory Foosball Table is the quick and easy way of assembling the product. This means that you can set up this product without professional assistance anytime at the comfort of your own place.


The Glory Foosball Table was built with chrome-plated rods and wooden handles. At the same time, the foosball men have been created uniformly in order to match the table’s aesthetics. This means that as you play the game, you can get satisfaction all the time because it makes the game more manageable and easy to maneuver.

In addition, you can get more maneuverability with the no-slip grip handles with premium bearings, making the look and feel a lot more elegant. The great leg levelers will ensure that you play only on a flat surface.

Moreover, you are assured that each end of the table has a convenient ball return. The product also comes with a couple of soccer style foosballs that you can choose from.

Who’s It For?

Kick Glory 48″ Foosball Table has been designed for children and foosball lovers who want to enjoy an occasional game without breaking the bank and without worrying that the table will fall apart after two games. Even if some piece of the table does fall apart after some time, the manufacturer will replace it under their lifetime warranty.

Entry-level players will surely be satisfied, but also a bit more experienced players will get a kick out of it. Although lightweight, the product is made out of durable and elegant materials to ensure a satisfying gameplay.

With Kick Glory Foosball Table you definitely won’t break the bank because it is reasonably priced. You can also choose from a great range of stylish designs to suit your game and lifestyle.
It is a great table for your child or teenage foosball players. You can also use this as the highlight during parties. So, visitors will surely have fun and a great time playing the Kick Glory 48″ Foosball Table.

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