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    durable mid-range table, thick playing field, rubber-bottom levelers, sturdy and stable legs, lifetime warranty, available with or without expert assembly, competitive price


    Rods are not hollow, not as sturdy as professional models, ball return on the end of the table



kick ambassador table kick ambassador table kick ambassador table

Materials Mahogany finish
Rods 1/2″ Semi-Solid Stainless Steel Chrome-Plated Rods
Dimensions 55″ L X 30″ W X 36″ H; 136 lbs
Board Thickness 1/2″
Features Slide scoring on ends of the table, NoSlip Grip wooden handles with screws, ball return on each end of the table, 2 KICK premiere and 2 soccer foosballs, ramp kit included, optional 1-Goalie or 3-Goalie Design
Price $$ (check here)
Manufactured by KICK Sport


Among the foosball tables from KICK, the KICK Ambassador seems very stable and sturdy with thick cabinets and a mahogany finish. This explains why it is heavier by 6 pounds than the KICK Solstice.

The legs are fixed on each corner of the table, so they are stable and sturdy. Complete with 5-inch leg levelers, it will stay in place even on an uneven surface. The rubber bottom of the levelers also reinforces stability.

Thicker cabinets guarantee durability and the ability to withstand aggressive gameplay. It will survive even when the rods are handled forcefully, although care and maintenance will go a long way.

The KICK Ambassador foosball table comes with steel rods that are semi-solid and chrome plated, which translates to sturdy and durable rods. Complete with wooden handles, you can use them for a long time.

The counterweighted men are also made of durable materials, so they won’t break after a few rounds of heavy play. You can rely on them to stay in place while you prepare for your shot.

Slide scoring on either end of the table complete this table.


With the KICK Ambassador, gameplay can feel like a professional tournament.
It is equipped with tournament-level features, such as thick side rails, slick toes instead of rounded toes for the foosball men, counterbalanced men, wooden handles, side ball returns, and adjustable legs.

If the foosball table weighed about 200 pounds with side rails of 1.5-inch thick, it would have been a true professional table. But you cannot expect that at this price point. Suffice to say that you can easily make a snake shot and bank shot with this foosball table.

The rods, may pose a small challenge after hours of playing, as they are not made of hollow steel. Making smooth and quick moves will take effort, especially if you’re not accustomed to using semi-solid steel rods. Wrist strain may also happen, although it can be avoided with a bit of discipline.

The handles are also made of wood, which is something advanced and professional players like, but beginners might not appreciate as much. The advantage of KICK Ambassador’s wooden handles is that accidental shots are avoided and they don’t leave a rubber-like smell on your hands.

Ball returns are set on each end of the table, so you will have to stretch a bit to reach the ball.

Counterweighted men with slick toes mean you can easily kick the soccer foosball to make a goal or counter an attack. You can also play all by yourself without the toes blocking your path.

With the way the KICK Ambassador foosball table is built, it will survive tougher gameplay. It should stay in place, even when a lot of pushing and shoving are made. No need to worry about the repercussions of pulling on the steel rods too hard as well. It would take a lot of effort to dislodge them from the table.


Impressive and professional best describe the KICK Ambassador’s overall aesthetics. It doesn’t have a lot of unnecessary accessories and decorations, so it should match any game room decoration.

The field looks very professional and makes a good contrast with the mahogany finish of the cabinet. The blue and red counterbalanced men, on the other hand, add a pop of color. Against the green surface, they easily stand out.

Who’s It For?

The KICK Ambassador foosball table is sturdy enough to handle reasonably intense gameplay. It can be used by beginners, kids, teenagers and intermediate level players. The optional one-man or three-man goalie configuration makes it easy to adjust the style of your game. There might be a learning curve to overcome, but all part of the fun.

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