Hathaway Primo Soccer Table

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Sturdiness, aesthetics, built for intermediate play





Hathaway Primo Play Hathaway Primo Surface Hathaway Primo Scoring Hathaway Primo Rods Hathaway Primo Pocket

Materials MDF
Board Thickness 1/2″
Rods Solid steel
Dimensions 56″L x 30.5″W x 34.5″H; 130 lbs
Features Counter-balanced men, levelers, E-Z spin bearings
Price $$ (check here)
Warranty 180 days
Manufactured China


MDF is a mixed bag, but it’s what’s most commonly used on foosball tables. The durability of it depends on thickness and how well it’s manufactured. The good news is that it’s 1-inch thick and 130 pounds which gives it some sturdiness. The Playcraft Sport Table for example is only 5/8″ thick and weighs 63 pounds, although it’s a few hundred dollars less also.

The rods are made out of solid steel, which makes them quite durable. The players are plastic instead of metal, which could be an issue down the road. The ball bearings are also plastic instead of steel.

What does this all mean? It’s heavy and thick, which means that it will withstand some vigorous play for quite some time. But, it’s still more susceptible to damage than real wood.


The weight of the table will keep movement to a minimum, even when play becomes aggressive. This is important, as tables under 100 pounds are susceptible to movement, which can affect gameplay significantly and give one side an unfair advantage at times. A table that is stable keeps the playing field even.

Another element that creates fair play is a leveling system. Each leg has levelers which can be adjusted to keep the playing surface flat, regardless of the floor it’s on. It also has a 3/8″ thick surface, which makes it more sturdy and level.

Solid steel rods are ideal for this table, which is designed for intermediate players. They are faster, but not as fast as hollow rods, which are seen on professional tables.

The one-goalie system configuration is interesting, as most American tables have three goalies on the last line. This makes the game a little more challenging, as players have to have more skill and precision to operate the goalie. However, this is ideal for experienced players.

A cool feature is the counter-balanced players, which means that they tilt upward leaving more room for the ball to go underneath. When the players are totally vertical, then can sometimes block your own shot.

It’s a full-sized table, which is great for those who want the most realistic gameplay. The dual manual slide score counters are really high quality. Also included are four stainless steel cup holders for those who like to have refreshments handy while playing.


The Hathaway Primo has a beautiful Espresso finish with stainless steel trim. The legs are nice and thick, which really gives the table an expensive look. This is the kind of table that would look great in any game room.

Who’s It For?

The Hathaway Primo table is designed for intermediate players, teenagers, and adults. That’s not to say that beginners couldn’t play it, but the one-goalie configuration is harder to play with. If you are an experienced player, you’re going to love this table because of it’s sturdiness and overall quality.

Customer Reviews

Store 1: 333_16_stars
Wayfair: 433_16_stars
Hayneedle: 3_16_stars
Home Depot: 333_16_stars
Walmart: 3_16_stars

The composite rating is 3.5 stars. The consensus among customers:

  • assembly is a bit time consuming
  • worth the price
  • wood is susceptible to damage, especially during shipping
  • table holds up well for vigorous play
  • is fun to play
  • heavy and sturdy

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  • Ryan McCord says:

    Hi, I am searching for a foosball table for my 10 year old son and family members.. Looking to keep it around $300-$325 at the most. I love the shiny playing field on this Hathaway Primo 56, however I just read about the one goalie and the plastic players and plastic bearings. I found one online for $326 includes shipping and tax. Really like this table but hesitant for the reasons mentioned. Do you have suggestions for a table with a shiny playing field? I would like the corners on a hill as well. Thanks

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