Harvil Defender Foosball Table

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Sturdy and durable for its price, Well-designed to bring the game of soccer to a table-sized arena, Comes with informative instructions for easy setup and assembly


Requires padding at the bottom of the feet to keep it from gouging the carpet, Players have curved feet, not slanted, Players could be made more durable


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Harvil Defender Foosball Surface

Board Thickness 0.63 inch
Rods 5/8 in steel hollow rods
Dimensions & Weight 54″ L X 29″ W X 34″ H; 88 lbs
Price $
Warranty 90 days


The Harvil Defender Foosball Table is designed with rowdy and, most likely, rough gameplay in mind, which is why it is made sturdy and durable. It is fitted with side and end panels, each one measuring an inch, to ensure stability. Regardless of how rough the game becomes, the foosball table should stay in place.

The table measures 54 x 29 x 34 inches when fully assembled and weighs 88 pounds. It will definitely take a good amount of force to topple the table over. It is equipped with two ball entry cups, and 0.63-inch hollow steel rods with rubber grips.

As for the robot players/soccer figures, they are made of rigid plastic. This means they will survive being constantly hit by the 1.42-inch foosballs.
What is even better is that the table is one of the few on the market that comes with clear and easy-to-understand instructions for the assembly process. Putting the table together won’t feel like rocket science.


If you’ve been playing foosball for a while, a regular foosball table would be not much of a challenge, but you should make an exception with the Harvil Defender Foosball Table. It may be standard in shape and setup, but it does throw you a bit of a challenge. The soccer figures have curved feet, rather than slanted, and only have ribbed/hatching on the front. This makes it a little difficult to control the ball. You would have to use the front and back of the feet, if you want to get the ball to your goal.

Because the figures don’t follow the standard style, gameplay will be more challenging, even to professionals. It is even more exciting for beginners.

The hollow rods also contribute to the overall game experience, especially when kids will be playing the foosball table. It is considered a lot safer than solid rods, but it is the solid rods that provide a smoother game play. Rubber grips offer better handling control as you turn each rod or push and pull. When the game heats up, the rubber may also transfer a distinct smell onto your hands, but that’s just a minor inconvenience. Nothing you can’t wash off after the game.

The table’s 88-pound weight might not seem like much, but it will hold a certain level of rough and rowdy gameplay. It’s going to take a lot of pulling and pushing to make the table budge.

The Harvil Defender Foosball Table comes with goalies, defenders, midfielders and forwards. It is shipped with two soccer balls molded from rigid plastic. It should take a while before chips show in one ball, and when wear and tear does happen, you still have an extra replacement.


The Harvil Defender Foosball Table follows a regular, rectangular shape with all the bells and whistles of a foosball table. The only difference is that it has design details on the side and other aspects of it that add to its overall appeal. The color scheme used on the body is quite attractive. The bottom of the feet, which resembles suction cups, but sturdier to look at, also contributes to the table’s overall appeal.

Who Is this Table Made for?

The Harvil Defender Foosball Table is designed for players aged 12 years and up, and is safe for children. Intermediate to advanced players may find a few flaws here and there, but it is a solid table overall, especially when we consider its price. It’s sturdy and durable construction can withstand reasonably rough and tough gameplay, which means it will not buckle under a vicious game of foosball. The same thing is true with a beginner’s attempt at overuse and abuse.

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