Composite Rating:


  • Alluring design.
  • Octagon-shaped handles.
  • Chromed legs reinforced with crossbars for stability.
  • Laminated field surface.
  • Two cup holders.
  • Robotic style players.


  • Customers reported some quality issues
  • No counterbalanced players
  • Unsuitable for intense game sessions.




Harvard Mid Fielder


Dimensions 54 3/4” L. 30 3/4” W. 34 1/2” H. Weight: 186 lbs.
Rods Chrome-Plated Steel Rods/Octagon-Shaped Wooden Handles.
Price $$ (check here)
  • 5-Inch Square Legs and Chrome Steel Crossbars.
  • Chrome-Plated Steel Rods with Octagon-Shaped Handles.
  • Cup Holder Pair.
  • Wood Scoring System with a 3-Goalie Setup.
Manufactured Slidell, Los Angles, USA.


We’ll be honest with you; the Harvard Mid Fielder is a mid-tier table that was designed mostly for casual/recreational use by beginners or people simply looking to have fun rather than engage in grueling competitive matches.

Our conclusion on this has been drawn from the fact that the characteristics of a Foosball table significantly influences playability, which would explain why the Harvard Mid Fielder is priced substantially lower than most Foosball tables in the market.

Generally, cabinets of high-quality Foosball tables are made out of metal. The Harvard Mid Fielder’s cabinet, however, has been made out of MDF, an inexpensive, low-quality component used in the manufacture of cheap, wooden appliances.

In addition, the Harvard Mid Fielder also lacks some crucial amenities that make gameplay more professional. These include grooved feet on players and high-quality rod bearings.

All factors considered, this table has been constructed for the nonchalant player, so if you intend to really take your Foosball table for a spin, we suggest that you check out some more Foosball table reviews before making your purchase.


As mentioned, the Harvard Mid Fielder has an MDF Cabinet on which solid-steel rods are fitted.

The rubber coated, octagon-shaped, wooden handles on the rods make for a comfortable grip during a match even when you have sweaty palms and the robotic-style players are able to stay in position, bringing about excellent balance during play.

It’s also worth mentioning that the cup holders and the 3-goalie system make playing on the Harvard Mid Fielder easy and convenient.

The legs of this table are square in shape and are moderately sturdy, which gives the table a fair amount of balance.

The height of the table cannot be adjusted; however, the square legs of the table allow you to easily place it on an elevated surface to either increase or decrease the height.

Additionally, it is not uncommon for players, especially kids, to get carried away and apply their body weight on the rods during play.

Note that the steel used to forge these rods is a bit thinner than in higher quality tables and, as such, it is easier for them to bend.

Also, for full-on competitive play, a Foosball table has to be sturdy and heavy in order to withstand the constant weight being applied to the rods as well as the force of the rods crashing against the walls of the table.

The Harvard Mid Fielder, weighing in at 185 pounds, is moderately heavy, which essentially implies that, unless you are playing an intense, less friendly match, your table won’t slide across the floor, making it a stable Foosball set.


Certainly, we can all agree that the Harvard Midfielder is at the mid-range of the functionality spectrum when it comes to Foosball tables.

Nonetheless, one of its most appealing aesthetic features is its natural wood-finish design, which is arguably the table’s greatest feature.

The table also features a PVC-layered field that not only makes for visual pleasure but also allows the ball to move much more smoothly.

As a bonus, the robotic-style players give the table a classic look that unquestionably boosts the spirit of the game.

Although you cannot learn much from the Harvard Mid Fielder in terms of playing on a professional or competitive capacity, it’s aesthetic appeal definitely rises above that of most players in the market.

Who is it For?

The passion for Foosball is not so different from the passion for soccer; the beauty of both sports is that you can play them in any environment and still have fun. Foosball, like soccer, has no age limit.

We, however, recommend the Harvard Midfielder to kids and teenagers, who are simply looking to have fun and don’t really have concerns about how they play or what the outcome of their matches will be.

That is not to say that adults can’t join in the fun, so long as they remember that this table is not as strong as high-end foosball tables out there, and refrain from abusing it too much.

In sum, we recommend the purchase of this table only if you are looking to sharpen your skills before moving on to a professional playing level or if you are simply looking to have some friendly fun.

We, nonetheless, must bring to light the fact that there are few better, higher quality Foosball tables for the price of the Harvard in the market, eg: Warrior Table, Atomic Gladiator or KICK Onyx.

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