Composite Rating: 3_16_stars


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Attractive design
  • Cabinet, rods, and handles are customizable
  • Made in the USA


  • Can be too expensive for those who are on a tight budget
  • Requires at least two people for assembly



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Materials Mahogany laminate (cabinet), steel (rods), polymer (legs)
Rods Stainless Steel QPQ treated rods and real hardwood handles
Dimensions 55.25 x 30 x 36 inches; 255 lbs
Features Counterbalanced foosball men with precise sizes and angles, rattle board for authentic tournament sound, three-man goalie, abacus scoring system
Price $$$$$ (check here)
Manufactured by Gold Standard Games


One of the first things you’ll notice about the Gold Standard Games Home Pro Foosball Table is that it looks robust and durable. Fortunately, it doesn’t only look that way — it is designed to be durable and sturdy enough to withstand heavy use.

Its cabinet is chip-resistant and built to sound tournament quality, so you’ll have no qualms about using the table on a daily basis.

It features a high-pressure mahogany laminate exterior that looks fabulous and can stay in great shape for a long time.

The cabinet is paired with solid polymer legs that measure 3.5 by 5.5 inches and are sturdy enough to maintain stability and durability.

The Home Pro’s foosball men are made of automotive-grade ABS, and they’re tested at the factory to withstand ball speeds that go beyond 100 mph. The table comes with unique “Lock-on-Men” compression bumpers that are designed to never “walk” on the rods.

They’re made of natural rubber, so they provide full protection to the playfield walls and cushion them from your mighty blows. This contributes to the overall durability and longevity of the unit.


The Gold Standard Games Home Pro Foosball Table is designed to provide excellent gameplay, so you know you’ll have hours of fun and excitement on it.

Its foosball men are designed to have precise sizes and angles. They’re also counterbalanced, which means they’ll stay “parked” no matter how much you move them during the game.

You also won’t have to worry about putting them back to an upright position every time you make a move. This helps you focus more on the game and on gaining more scores.

The foosball men feature a sharp foot edge, and an 880-tooth grip gives you more control over the ball and make it easier for you to score.

The table is designed to promote lightning-quick games. The Stay-In-Play field trim creates a slight rise along the playfield walls so, if the ball reaches the walls, it won’t stop in the middle of the game and will instead roll back into the playfield.

This prevents your game from being interrupted and ensures you’ll always have fast-paced fun. The Stay-In-Play trim is paired with the full-perimeter playfield support, which is securely fastened to the table’s sides and under the goal walls.

It provides rigid support and ensures the ball bounces right back into the field.

One of the things that make the Home Pro stand out is its rattle board, which creates a “pop” sound when you make a goal. This makes you feel like you’re playing in an official tournament and makes your game even more exciting.

The Home Pro comes with a three-man goalie, which helps ensure that the ball won’t end up getting stuck in a corner. It’s not as challenging as a one-man goalie, but it won’t bother you too much when you’re in the middle of a fast-paced game.


There’s no denying it: the Gold Standard Games Home Pro Foosball Table is an attractive unit. The cabinet doesn’t have any exposed fasteners, so it has a neat, smooth appearance and looks professionally made from top to bottom.

Its mahogany laminated exterior gives it a vintage-inspired appeal, although it can complement almost any kind of interior design theme.

If you want to give a table a more modern look, you can opt for the carbon fiber wrap or the charcoal laminate (although these will understandably increase the table’s total price). You also have the option to replace the standard hardware with stainless steel rods and genuine wooden handles.

Who’s It For?

The Gold Standard Games Home Pro Foosball Table is an excellent choice for those who need a full-sized foosball unit that’s sturdy and durable.

It’s also an excellent product for homeowners who want to have own foosball table while maintaining the elegance and style of their home.

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