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compact in size, low price


not sturdy enough for serious and intensive play





Goglory foosball table

Materials Wood
Rods Chrome-plated Steel Rods
Dimensions 53in L x 27in W x 33in H; Weight: 45.5 lbs.
Features Compact size, ABS Molded Plastic Men, L-shaped legs
Price $ (check here)
Warranty Check with manufacturer


Made of wood, steel, rubber, and plastic, the GoGlory 53-in Foosball Table is a compact, reasonably durable table for its price, made for beginners, children and occasional family play. Due to its small dimensions, it will only eat up a limited amount of space, while providing year-round entertainment.

The table stands on L-shaped legs that provide stable support. Complete with sturdy leg levelers, the table’s play surface remains flat under normal conditions and casual play. Even if there’s a bit rougher play going on, the foosball table should stay in place.

The players are attached on chrome-finished steel rods with sturdy black rubber handles. This makes for easy rotation, what with the rubber handles providing easy grip and ease of use. Twist and turn the handles without the need to give your wrist and hands a tough workout.

Made of ABS molded plastic, the players are designed to withstand moderate and prolonged gameplay as well. It would take lots of battering before any of them are likely to show signs of wear and tear.

The foosball table is light at 45 lbs, so there is a risk of it toppling over when enough force is applied. Best to affix it firmly or permanently to the floor.


With a solid construction, from the table right through to the players, playing foosball using the 53-inch GoGlory can be a long, yet exciting experience for children. The chrome-finished steel rods with the ABS molded plastic men guarantee a fair game that could be extremely fun, given an opponent with the right skills.

The convenient front ball return also ensures you won’t need to get your hand inside the foosball field to flick the ball back into play. The ball can hit the goal without the game getting paused. It can be a continuous rally until someone accepts defeat.

The table uses a 3-goalie configuration which is usual for the foosball tables in the US market.

One of the most important considerations when playing foosball is a table’s stability. At 45 lbs, forceful movements can affect the outcome of the game. This is especially true when adults are playing. Kids, however, would have all the fun, without experiencing some movement.

Prolonged gameplay, however, can have a stinky side effect with the sturdy black rubber handles. Rubber tends to leave a distinct odor on your hands, which could be annoying for some, but it’s nothing a good hand washing can get rid of.


Compact and with plenty of colors to go around, GoGlory is not your typical foosball table. The L-shaped legs, chrome-finished steel rods and ABS molded plastic men in bright colors all contribute to the overall aesthetic. There’s a clear distinction among all the elements that make up the table.

The black-colored legs, handles, and ball return. The white sides of the table’s interior against the contrasting shades of the field and the players. The shiny chrome finish on the steel rods against the rubber handles. The dark wood grain of the table’s exterior. All these elements create an aesthetic appeal that make the GoGlory Foosball Table more than just a game table. It can be a decorative element in the game room or in the middle of the living room, outdoor play area and the like.

With a length of 53 inches, a width of 27.25 inches and a height of 33 inches, you won’t need plenty of room to set up the foosball table. As long as there is enough space for players to move around, bend or flex while playing the game, you can enjoy foosball.


The 53-Inch GoGlory Foosball Table is built for children, teenagers, beginners, and people looking for casual play and with a very limited budget. Intermediate players won’t be satisfied with this table, but it can provide a great way to while away the time. Given its low price point, however, you get a great deal.

If you’re looking for a bigger and heavier choice of a foosball table, go for the 56-inch version, or check out some of the tables in the $300 to $600 price category. The GoGlory Foosball Table, 56 inches, also comes with classic abacus manual sliding scoring units.

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