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lacks the feel of playing on an actual tourney table



Goglorry deluxe

Rods Chrome-plated Steel Rods
Dimensions 38″L x 20″W x 12″H; 32.9 lbs
Features Black Rubber Grip Handles, Compact size, 3-Goalie configuration, ABS Molded Plastic Men
Price $ (check here)
Manufactured China

The GoGlory Deluxe Soccer Table Tabletop provides quality game entertainment for your home. Great for entertaining guests or just sitting back and playing a relaxing game of foosball with the family, this product is definitely a solid choice for beginner foosball players who are looking for a quality experience at an economical price. While a smaller design than the larger tourney style foosball table, GoGlory Deluxe Soccer Tables have great features and excellent reliability at a low cost, which make it a very popular choice among families.


The GoGlory Deluxe Soccer Table is a 38 in L x 20in W x 12in H model with a weight of 32.9 pounds. It comes in high quality, chrome-plated steel rods and black rubber grip handles. The chrome-plated steel rods are great for ensuring durability during play, without worrying about the rods getting bent or broken The design is definitely of a sturdy quality, although it may not be as durable as the heavier weight designs of some other larger foosball table models. The table also provides three goalie configuration and ABS molded plastic pieces suited for a fast and smooth gameplay quality.


The table overall provides a fast and smooth game playing experience. It is definitely a great asset for entertaining and having fun with family or friends. It comes with two game balls in the package, although separate ball packages can be purchased along with the table, and is particularly great for children. Although not a typical tourney style table, the design still provides fast and exciting play that is sure to entertain for hours.


The GoGlory Deluxe Soccer Table is one of the higher quality and top rated foosball Tabletops you can purchase. It comes larger than the picture suggests, although it is still a compact size and great for limited spaces. You do have to put it together when it arrives, which can take up some time. However, the structure of the table comes with instructions with numbered parts, making it fairly easy to put it together if you carefully follow the directions. You can use the chrome-plated steel rods or simply prop it up on your coffee table, whatever is more convenient.

Once put together, its design is smooth and satisfactory. It looks very sleek and sophisticated despite the fact that you’re getting it for a rather economical price, providing some luxury design even for a small sized foosball table. The great part about this product is its compact size, which is beneficial for people who want a table but are also trying to save room. Its smaller design allows it to fit in tight spaces, making it an ideal choice for especially if you have children.

The only disadvantage is that it lacks the feel of playing on an actual tourney table due to its size. However, it’s still a great option for people who have limited space or need a good foosball game for kids. You can probably get more durable and larger foosball tables for more expensive prices, but GoGlory Deluxe Tables are a great fit for their price. The price is very reasonable in comparison to what you get. The solidity of the product is sure to last plenty of years, making it definitely worth its price. With five star customer reviews, the GoGlory Deluxe Soccer Table Tabletop surely does not disappoint.

Who’s It For?

GoGlory Deluxe Soccer Table Tabletops are great for people of all ages who are looking for some foosball fun. I definitely recommend purchasing this product if you have younger children. Its smaller design is a good choice especially for young children, although everyone from teenagers to adults in the family can benefit from it as well. Its flexibility in set up and easiness is a definite plus. I definitely suggest it for more beginner foosball players because of its simpler design and size.

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