Garlando G500 Foosball Table

Composite Rating: 333_16_stars


Durable, sturdy, high quality rods, tempered glass surface, 3-year warranty


No counterbalanced players, no leveling adjustment




Garland G500 Surface

Materials MDF
Board Thickness 1″
Rods Telescopic cold drawn steel
Dimensions 56″L x 30″W x 35″H; 165 lbs
Features Telescopic rods, nylon encased ball-bearing bushings, unbreakable players
Price $$$ (check here)
Warranty 3 year limited
Manufactured Europe


The G500 is made with high quality MDF. It’s 1-inch thick, which provides sturdiness and durability. I typically judge MDF based on how thick it is. The lower quality tables tend to be less than 1/2″ thick, which is pretty flimsy material. The higher priced tables are thicker for greater quality, and they usually have higher quality materials.

Cold drawn steel rods are the best you can get. They’re stronger, straighter, and have a better surface finish. They’re plated with 5 microns of anti-rust chromium for greater durability. You will only see this type of rod on a tables in this price range.

The ball-bearing bushings are also encased in nylon and the legs covered with washable powder varnish for greater protection. These are features you only get on higher-end tables.

In the event that something does break, you always have a three-year warranty to rely on. Lesser expensive tables often come with 90-day warranties.

The product description states the players are “unbreakable” guaranteed.


A heavy table is usually a sturdy table. The G-500 weighs 165 pounds unofficially, which gives it a lot of stability. A table that moves very little or not at all provides optimal playing conditions. Who wants to have a goal scored on by the opponent because the table was shaking?

The telescopic rods provide additional safety because they don’t come out on the other side. This way, your opponents won’t get poked by the rods that you’re using. This feature has children in mind more so than adults. Not that useful of a feature if you ask me, but it does give the table a higher quality feel.

The tempered glass playing surface is not something you normally see. It provides an ultra-smooth surface and increases the gaming experience.

The rods are cold drawn steel, which mentioned are very high quality. Rods are a critical part of the game, and these are incredibly smooth and sturdy which allows for faster play.

Angled corner and side panels always keep the ball in play, and the wood handles are comfortable and reduce perspiration.

No leg levelers. Not a big deal unless you have an uneven floor. However, I have seen more expensive tables have levelers, so I don’t really know why this one doesn’t. It’s great to have just in case you need to make a slight adjustment.

It also doesn’t come with counter-weighted players, which is a feature intermediate players love to have. It makes the game go a little more smoothly and eliminates your shots getting blocked by your own players. I would expect a table in this price range to have this feature.


The butcher-block light wood cabinet is a traditional look and complements the black legs well.The red and blue players don’t really match however. Black and ivory would go better with the rest of the table. The green, tempered glass surface looks great, but the white corners and panels take away from the aesthetics because they stand out so much.

Who’s It For?

A heavy, expensive table like the Garlando G-500 is suited for teenagers, adults, and intermediate players. It’s built to handle aggressive play long-term. If you want a table that is built to last, this is one to take a strong look at.

Customer Reviews

Store 1: 433_16_stars
Store 2: 3_16_stars
Store 3: 4_16_stars

The composite rating is 4.5 stars. All the reviews were positive. The consensus among customers:

  • quality craftsmanship
  • easy assembly
  • attractive
  • sturdy
  • lacking counterbalanced players
  • lacking leveling adjustment
  • telescopic rods – safe for kids
  • worth the money

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