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The Wisconsin based Great Lakes Darts (GLD) Products, the company behind both Fat Cat and Viper foosball tables, has over thirty years of experience in manufacturing game’s room equipment.

An experience that thoroughly shines through in this hardwearing and fetching Fat Cat Rebel foosball table that promises to deliver hours of foosball fun.


  • Features Quick snap player rods that make setting up this table fabulously fast.
  • A fantastic fusion of or ruggedness and style, this table will comfortably slot into any room you imagine.


  • Ball returns at the ends instead of on the side of the table making restarts a little less fluid.
  • Foosball men are not counterweighted so one-on-one foosball games are a bit trickier.



tornado reagan table

Materials MDF
Rods Quick snap player rods – makes assembly a cinch.
Dimensions 30” H x 54” W x 31” D, 86 lbs.
  • Built-in Leg levelers to ensure a perfectly flat playfield.
  • Eye-catching high definition playfield graphics delivers a vivid playing experience.
  • The classic Blue-Grey-Black color scheme means the Fat Cat Rebel will blend easily into the background of any environment.
Price $$ (check here)
Warranty 90-Day Limited Warranty
Manufactured Table manufactured in China, but GLD is based in Wisconsin USA


Manufactured using superior strength MDF, and boasting burly 1/4″ walls, this terrifically tough table will withstand even the most grueling gameplay.

The steel rods are resilient enough to withstand some seriously savage shots from your more robust rivals, and the table carries enough weight (almost 90 pounds) to prevent it waltzing across your games room mid-match.


The Fat Cat Rebel delivers a decent enough game of foosball for a table falling in its price range.

The sleek, hard coated MDF playing field provides a furiously fast feel to your overall foosball gameplay, and the vivid high definition graphics match the somewhat ebullient arcade-style experience the table delivers.

Inevitably this speedy style of play prevents any real control over your men or the game in general, but as long as you are aware of this going in it should not in any way hamper your overall experience on the Fat Cat Rebel.

The “Quick Snap” player rods makes assembly a fairly quick and easy exercise, and the table comes with a few traditional foosball balls thrown in for free, their hard-plastic composition perfect for the somewhat frenzied folly this table was intended for.

For those of you that prefer a more controlled and skill-tailored game of foosball, you will find that changing from the provided traditional foosballs to textured or even cork foosball balls will drastically slow down the game, reduce the seemingly never-ending aimless ricocheting foosballs, and ultimately reduce the impact luck has on the outcome of every match.

Other than that, the Fat Cat Rebel follows a pretty standard foosball table blueprint, with the table set up for the American Style three-goalie setup, the abacus type scoring pieces fixed to each end of the table, and the ball returns are also placed at either end of the table as opposed to the preferred midtable setup you find on the higher end foosball tables.


The Fat Cat Rebel boasts a design that is both fetching and fun, and would easily spruce up any games room setup that it finds itself slotted into.

The classic combination of the black, blue and grey colors, kept simple thanks to the minimal graphics added, all applied onto the clean-cut contemporary-design frame of the Fat Cat Rebel foosball table leaves you with an end product that is particularly easy on the eyes.

Who’s It For?

This game is great for beginners and social foosball fanatics that enjoy a fast-paced and somewhat erratic game of foosball.

It boasts a delightfully distinguished and classic look and so would be a great option for those with small apartments that want to add a foosball table to their main living area without making their home look like a kid’s arcade.

The Fat Cat Rebel is not a table designed to meet the high standards of the more serious foosball players out there, but it is still a fantastic product that promises hours of fun for all that.

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