Composite Rating: 3_16_stars


  • Durable & stable
  • Affordable price
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-understand assembly instructions
  • Realistic aesthetics
  • Shipped with two balls


  • Quite complex to put together, requiring hand and power tools
  • Some parts and screws look and feel cheap
  • Plastic sleeves on the rod may come loose
  • Has sharp edges and corners on the legs



ea sports table ea sports table ea sports foosball

Materials MDF/PVC/Aluminum
Rods 5/8 chrome plated metal rods
Dimensions 56″ L x 28.75″ w x 34.5″ H; 92 lbs
Features 5/8-inch chrome-plated metal rods, hand-painted players, bead scoring system, reinforced corners
Price $$ (check here)
Manufactured by EA SPORTS


Wooden field and a table construction using a combination of MDF, PVC, and Aluminum makes the EA Sports 56 in. Foosball Table quite stable and it can even compete with some of the pricier models. It is a table you can rely on for some moderately rough and tough gameplay.

Each of the table’s four corners is reinforced to withstand aggressive action and movements, ensuring that it will last some time.

It’s just a bit unfortunate that to maintain aesthetics the four corners must screw from the bottom up, making it harder to pull off. But once you get past this hurdle, all will end well.

Stability comes in the form of oversized leveling feet that keep the playfield steady and even. Although the table is not so heavy, it has a decent stability due to these leg levelers and reinforced corners.

The players are attached to solid 5/8-inch chrome-plated metal rods. Yes, solid not hollow, so you can be sure the rods will survive frequent use and abuse. The same can be said for the hand-painted players that won’t mind being tossed and turned many times over.

Right out of the box, however, you must make sure the plastic sleeves on the rod are securely fastened. If this is not the case, send the table right back, since any attempt to glue the sleeve in place would end up futile. The rough movements when playing will cause the sleeves to dislodge at some point.

This foosball table uses a traditional bead scoring system so it’s easy to follow the score.


With 26 hand-painted players representing two team colors, gameplay with the EA Sports 56 in. Foosball Table will definitely deliver an authentic experience. Attached to solid chrome rods and then to a sturdy wooden field, you can be sure to have lots of fun without the worry that any of the players will come off loose and the table will topple over.

With reinforcement on four corners and oversized leveling feet, the foosball table will stay in place. Its 92-pound weight might not seem much, but it is heavy enough to keep the table steady on its feet. This means more gameplay in any level of fun and excitement.

The table features a traditional bead scoring system, which is both easy and challenging to use. Easy because you only need to move the beads from left to right, but challenging to keep track of the game, especially if you play and score at the same time.


In a color scheme of black, red, and blue, the foosball table looks quite professional. It is big enough, too, making it look more reliable and durable than those measuring around 40 inches in length.

Construction-wise, the table looks quite impressive, especially because it has curves in the right places. Where curves are needed, however, they are surprisingly lacking. The ends of the feet have some sharp edges and corners, which should have been rounded to minimize possible nicks and cuts.

Hand painted players in chrome-plated rods, a bead scoring system, and reinforced corners all contribute to an aesthetically pleasing table. This also means a couple hours or more to assemble everything.

Putting the table together would also require hand and power tools, and plenty of volunteers. Good thing the instruction manual is comprehensive or the entire thing could take days to set up.

Who’s It For?

The EA Sports 56 in. Foosball Table will cater to beginners, families and occasional players with a limited budget. It is also big enough for intermediate players to enjoy it. Overall, it is a great project and playfield for adults and children.

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