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Designer Home Foosball table Designer Home Foosball table

Materials Manufactured wood, veneer inlay cabinet, hard plastic men
Rods Chrome plated steel rods
Dimensions 55″L x 30″W x 35″H; 160 lbs
Features 3 man goalie, 2 ball return, Queen Anne designed legs, heavy duty all wood construction
Price $$$$

The Designer Home foosball table is manufactured by Fairview Game Rooms, a game room furniture company based in Springfield, MO, that sells products such as billboard ball sets, wall cue racks, foosball tables, and more entertainment equipment for your home. Foosball tables can vary in price, size, aesthetic and level of gameplay. The Designer Home Foosball Table is designed to fit right in to your home while providing a gaming experience you can enjoy.


The weight of the table is 160 lbs, and the dimensions are 35 x 55 x 30 inches.


Designer Home Foosball Table is a classic, sleek styled game table designed to complement and accommodate any space in the home. Coming with an optional Chestnut or darkened Mahogany wooden finish, Fairview offers a more elegant style as opposed to the modernized foosball tables you might find elsewhere. The table also includes sliding scoring units that are built into the cabinet wood of the table to provide a smoother look. The Queen Anne styled legs also complement the classy aesthetic that the table is going for. Despite its stylish appearance, the table still offers all of the necessary equipment for optimal gameplay.

Gameplay and design

The Designer Home Foosball Table offers a stylish gaming experience. The gameplay is also relatively smooth, experienced, and easily managed for all levels of foosball players. The smartly constructed wood finish of the table is designed to last and endure longer than most of the cheaper models of foosball tables, while also blending into the furniture of any room. Investing in this model of foosball table is definitely recommended for people who prefer the design element of the table over the performance.

Pricing and value

The table is priced at about $1,050 and is rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The price for this foosball table is on the steeper side, which fits into its sophisticated aesthetic and designer-oriented style. It is made with Veneer inlay cabinet designs which adds to its look. Other than its smooth design and glossy finish, the table is also built with durable wood construction that is heavy duty and a rounded toe design for the legs. The table also offers side ball returns, 3 man goalie, safety caps at the ends of each of the rods, and foosball men.

Who’s it for?

Designer Home Foosball Table is a foosball table geared towards a broad audience. This table works best for people who wish to find a decorative entertainment piece that is fun yet isn’t an eyesore. This table also works well included in not just game rooms, but dorm rooms, bar rooms, and any room of the house where it blends in.

Since it lacks the flexibility and adaptability of some of the other foosball tables, which offer features that allow for leg levelers and adjustable pieces, the table may not be suited for young children who are not able to reach the surface.


All in all, Designer Home Foosball Table offers all the necessary foosball features and accessories needed for gameplay. Its matched, glossy surface and design finish gives it a classy feel that is geared towards people who don’t want to blemish their homes with a clunky, plastic foosball table, but still want all of the gameplay necessities in order to enjoy and entertain.

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