Best Foosball ComboWho doesn’t love foosball? This classic arcade game can liven up any party with the challenge and enjoyment it brings, so it is understandable why you would want your very own gaming table.

A better buy still is a foosball table in combination with pool or air hockey, especially if your space is limited and you’re just looking for some fun games for your family or friends. These games are enjoyed by almost everyone, so you can make the most of your table in this way.

Listed below are some of the best foosball combination tables available out there. Each of them has foosball along with pool, air hockey, or both, often with additional games as well.

Our Top Picks

Product Weight Dimensions Features
Lancaster 3 in 1 Pool Slide Hockey Foosball Combo Arcade Game Table (Best Foosball-Pool Combination) 61.3 pounds 47 x 28.5 x 7 inches Easy to Switch from One Game to Another, Side Locks for Extra Stability, Compact, Multipurpose Design, Manual Scoring System on Each Side, Easy Assembly, Non-Powered
IFOYO Multifunction 4 in 1 Steady Combo Table 57.3 pounds 31.5 x 18.9 x 25.6 inches Space-Saving, Compact Design, Includes Soccer Foosball, Hockey, Pool, and Table Tennis, MDF Panel and PVC Surface, Simple Assembly, Easy to Use, No Batteries or Power Supply Required
Giantex Multi Game 3 in 1 Combination Gaming Table 45 pounds 48.5 x 22.7 x 32.5 inches Combination Gaming Table with Foosball, Pool, and Slide Hockey, MDF and PVC Materials, Leg Levelers for Balance, Easy to Convert from Game to Game, All Accessories Included, Suitable for Kids Too
MD Sports 4-in-1 Multi Game Combination Table Set (Best Foosball-Hockey Combination) 66.1 pounds 54 x 24.5 x 29.5 inches Offers Foosball, Slide Hockey, Pool, and Table Tennis, All Gaming Accessories Included, Made of MDF, ABS, PVC, Metal, and Wood, Easy to Assemble, Convenient Storage
Sunnydaze 10-in-1 Combination Multi Game Table 58.9 pounds 40 x 22.5 x 27.5 inches Includes Billiards, Foosball, Hockey, Table Tennis, Shuffleboard, Bowling, Chess, Checkers, Cards, and Backgammon, Stable, Compact, Easy Assembly, Convenient Storage
Best Choice Products 4-in-1 Multi Arcade Game Table 31 pounds 32 x 17 x 7.8 inches Includes Mini Pool, Compact Foosball, Ping Pong, and Table Hockey, Made of MDF, Plastic, and Metal, Sturdy, Gaming Accessories Included for All 4 Games

Lancaster 48″ 3 in 1 Combo Arcade Game Table – Best Foosball-Pool Table

Although the Lancaster Gaming Table offers three games – slide hockey, foosball, and pool – it can be the best choice if you’re looking for a great foosball and pool combo. The slide hockey is just an added bonus.

The top-rated combination table is a great buy for kids, though adults may not enjoy it as much due to its considerably lower height than normal. Once assembled without any challenge, you will be able to appreciate the beautiful design and construction of this 3-in-1 gaming table.

Along with two manual scorers on each side, the table comes with a convenient design so that switching between games is easy. Sidelocks are present to provide extra stability to the playing surface.


  • A good 3-in-1 combination gaming table
  • Doesn’t need much space
  • Good value for money


  • Complaints about the slide hockey feature not being usable
  • The low height makes it too small for most adults

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IFOYO Multi-Function 4 in 1 Steady Combo Game Table – Best Foosball-Hockey Table

The IFOYO 4-in-1 gaming table offers four different games in a single product. Play some slide hockey, enjoy a friendly game of pool, or use the table tennis or soccer foosball options to your heart’s content!

Made of MDF panel along with a PVC surface, this sturdy table is a popular choice among gaming freaks. The table is easy to assemble and offers convenient storage due to its compact design. A built-in MDF cabinet is present to store all the gaming accessories that are included with the product.

The attractive black-and-blue color theme will liven up any space for a cheery gaming fest any time. With predominantly positive reviews by previous customers, this could be just the thing you are looking for.


  • Suitable for both kids and adults
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to switch games
  • 4 games in 1Easy to store
  • Good value for money


  • Like all other combination tables, the hockey game isn’t air-powered, but still the best of the lot

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Giantex Multi Game Combination Game Table

Offering the best of pool, foosball, and slide hockey, the Giantex Multi-Game Combination Gaming Table is another popular product.

This 3-in-1 table is constructed from materials like MDF, metal, and PVC. Suitable for kids and adults alike, the table has 4 leg levelers for balanced play.

The billiard game makes up the base of the main tabletop, while glide hockey is present on the other side of the soccer table which can fit into the billiard frame when needed.

However, customer reviews suggest that the table may not be as exceptional as marketed, having poor construction and quality. Many have also experienced difficulty in setting up the table and assembling all the parts. Overall, it’s up to you to weigh the pros and cons of having this table with its attractive features and the potential problems it could cause.


  • Good size for both kids and adults
  • 3 games in 1
  • Complete package with all gaming accessories included
  • Leg levelers present for smooth, balanced play


  • Complaints about the quality
  • Difficult assembly

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MD Sports 4-in-1 Multi Game Combination Table Set – Best Foosball-Hockey Combination Table


One of the latest combination gaming tables available in the market, the MD Sports Multi Game Combination Table Set offers 4 games in a single package – foosball, slide hockey, pool, and table tennis. It is a fully equipped table which comes with all the accessories needed for playing any of the 4 different games.

The table is a sturdy buy with reinforced bases of the games which can be locked in position to avoid them from moving.

The MD Sports table owes its superior quality to the premium materials used in its construction – MDF, ABS, PVC, metal, and wood, so you can expect it to withstand excited gaming forces.

Sturdy steel rods 0.5 inches in diameter having easy-to-grip wooden handles further enable smooth play. Big 3.5-inch leg levelers are there so you can play a balanced game while rubber cushioning is present underneath the legs to prevent scratches on the floor surface.

It is easy to switch from game to game with the stack-up design of the table. Overall a great product to consider if you want one of the best foosball-hockey combination tables out there.


  • 4 games in a single combination table
  • Complete package with all accessories included for gaming
  • Reinforced bases and leg levelers for balance and sturdiness
  • Good size for children
  • Good value for money


  • None

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Sunnydaze 10 Combination Multi Game Table with Billiards, Push Hockey, Foosball, Ping Pong, and More, 40 Inch

This product is especially popular among children and adults due to the fact that it offers a whopping 10 games in a single table – foosball, hockey, pool, table tennis, bowling, cards, checkers, chess, backgammon, and shuffleboard.

The Sunnydaze 10-in-1 Table comes with the complete accessories required to play all 10 games. There’s no need to worry about clutter either since all the tables can be stored in a compact way between the foosball table and the billiard base.

The vibrant colors have made it even more attractive especially for children while switching from one game to another is also quite easy. The size makes it suitable for even small children to play with.

This is one product that can keep an entire family engaged for hours, with its variety of classic arcade gaming options. A recommended buy, especially if you have fun-loving kids around.


  • Good value for money
  • 10 games in 1
  • Accessories for all 10 games included


  • The table bottom may scratch easily

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Best Choice Products 4-in-1 Multi Arcade Competition Game Table Set w/Pool Billiards, Air Hockey, Foosball, Table Tennis

This combination arcade gaming table by Best Choice Products offers all of four games in a single compact package. Enjoy playing mini pool, table hockey, foosball, and table tennis, all with this conveniently used table game.

The package comes with a billiards surface having 2 pool cues and a complete pool ball set. The table tennis surface has a table tennis net, 2 ping pong paddles, and 2 ping pong balls as well. The foosball part has 6 rows of foosball soccer players, and two foosball soccer balls, while the hockey surface has 2 strikers and 2 pucks.

The Best Choice combination gaming table is around 8 inches high – a mini, tabletop gaming package that is compatible with most tabletops. It avoids the hassle of storage and the headache of accommodating a large table at your premise. However, some adults may not find it as amusing due to its mini size, though kids can have a very good time with it.

The sturdy construction is all thanks to high quality, non-toxic MDF which can let the table last its worth. This product is for those lovers of arcade gaming who are easily bored with a single game type and need something compact and portable of their own.


  • 4 games in 1
  • Compact, tabletop version of classic arcade games
  • Very easy and convenient to assemble
  • Lightweight and portable
  • No issues about storage or space due to its relatively compact dimensions


  • May not be the ideal gaming table for adults due to its smaller dimensions
  • Not easily available

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How to Choose the Best Foosball-Pool or Foosball-Air Hockey Combination Table

Since there are many multiple options in the market for combination gaming tables, choosing a single one for yourself can be quite tricky. Here are some options you should consider before deciding which foosball-pool or foosball-air hockey table to purchase.

What Games Do You Like?

Since most combination tables come with more than two games, you can choose the one which offers those you like – after careful consideration of table quality and other aspects as well!


Don’t be fooled by the bulk or size of a table. Those made of cheaper materials won’t be able to withstand forces created by excited gamers, no matter how bulky they are.

A table made of good quality material such as MDF wood can be expected to last longer and allow you to make the most of it for years. Cheap material will soon result in broken parts and unnecessary hassle on your part.


Side ball returns are more convenient than end ball returns, so you should prefer tables which offer this option. Moreover, foldable tables are always great for storage if you have limited space.

Often combination gaming tables offer airless ’slide hockey’ instead of air hockey which needs some power supply for airflow that makes the game smoother and enjoyable. If you’re a fan of air hockey with powerful airflow, such tables may not be the thing for you.

Ease of use, ease of assembly, and even the general outlook are points to be noted.

Who Are You Buying It For?

Is it going to be used more by kids or adults? Consider the height of the table since some are just too low to be enjoyable for adults.

Most combination gaming tables are often more targeted towards children. If you are used to playing foosball, pool, or slide hockey on a professional-level table, these mini kid versions are not made for you.

Previous Customer Reviews

These can often be the most helpful when deciding whether to buy a product. Customer feedback can give you an idea of the problems you could encounter with a given product.

Since they have had hands-on experience playing with the table, they will be able to better recommend if it is worth the buy. You can find out about the actual quality of a table through customer reviews rather than just trusting what has been marketed.

Happy Shopping!

Now that you know all you need to about getting the best foosball-pool or foosball-hockey combination table, you can confidently make a purchase you will always cherish!

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