American Legend Charger Foosball Table

Composite Rating: 3_16_stars


Attractive, inexpensive, hollow rods, built solid for children and beginners


Durability, questionable quality, not built for adults or skilled players



American Legend Charger Handles American Legend Charger Surface American Legend Charger Legs American Legend Charger Ball Return

Materials MDF
Board Thickness 5/8″
Rods 1/2″ Hollow
Dimensions 53″L x 26″W x 34″H; 100 lbs
Features Hollow rods, Cross Bar Support
Price $ (check here)
Warranty 90 days
Manufactured China


The concern with any foosball table under $500 is durability. The reason? Less expensive tables are typically made with lesser quality parts. The most noticeable difference is in the thickness of the apron. The best tables are at least 1″ thick, but the Charger is 5/8″. A thicker apron makes the table heavier and more durable. The Charger is made with pressed wood, which is more likely to warp because it tends to absorb moisture.

Experts will tell you that any table less than 100 pounds isn’t going to be real durable. The Charger is just heavy enough to make it worth buying for adults. Generally speaking, tables made in China are lesser quality.

How long will a table like this hold up? As long as it’s not abused, you will probably get you money’s worth.


The playfield is 3/16″. The Atomic Pro Force, which costs about the same, has a 1/2″ playfield. A thicker surface means it’s more likely to stay level during the life of the table. Thinner surfaces tend to warp, which leads to an uneven playing surface. I don’t see any levelers on the legs, which doesn’t allow users to adjust to the floor it’s on.

The weight of the table impacts not only durability, but gameplay as well. Heavier tables are more sturdy even when play is aggressive. Tables less than 100 pounds tend to move more often, which can lead to one side scoring a goal by accident. While this table does have some sturdiness, expect at least some movement if teens and adults are using it.

The hollow rods are nice. They’re lighter, which allows users to play faster, some teens and adults will like. They don’t have ball bearings, so they won’t be as smooth.

It doesn’t have counterbalanced players, which would allow users to keep the men parallel to the surface to create room for shots.

It’s not quite a full-sized table, but sufficient for beginners or kids.


The table doesn’t look cheap. It has a nice wood appearance – the black legs and green surface provide some contrast. The men look pretty solid. It’s a table that you don’t mind other people seeing in your house.

Who’s It For?

It’s a table to consider if your budget is under $300. I would recommend taking a look at the Atomic Pro Force, which is about the same price and overall a better table. In general, The American Legend Charger is ideal for children and beginners. Kids won’t abuse it, plus it has hollow rods, which allows for faster gameplay.

Can adults play it? Sure, as long as they aren’t playing hard on it. Intermediate to advanced players will likely be disappointed.

Customer Reviews

Store 1: 3_16_stars

What customers had to say:

  • wood can split or break
  • great for kids
  • sturdy for the price
  • need two for assembly
  • you get what you pay for
  • attractive

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