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American Heritage deluxe American Heritage element

Board Thickness 1″
Dimensions 32″L x 57.75″W x 34.25″H; 144 lbs
Features Adjustable leg levelers, Stylish cabinet, Unique sturdy design, Telescopic Rods Included
Price $$$ (check here)
Manufactured China
Warranty 1 year

Quick Summary

The Element Foosball Table product made by American Heritage is a fun, game entertainment piece for your home. Great for the entire family of all ages, this foosball table proves to be an excellent addition to the game room with a classic and professional décor style that allows it to blend right in. Prepare for hours of fast-action, quality foosball entertainment that is great for the kids and adults alike, with a stylish and modern style that complements its smooth and fast game play. The American Heritage Element Foosball Table is great for its value and the perfect family gift that will get everyone enjoying hours of fun together.


The American Heritage Element Foosball Table is 32L x 57.75 x 34.25H inches in its dimensions, complete with a unique design that includes crossed metal support beams for extra durable strength. The manufactured wood and metal design with incorporated support beams is what gives it a sturdier hold than less expensive foosball tables.


The ABS plastic surface material allows for a smooth and sleek game play that promises an exciting game. The table includes rods that go through both sides for accessibly game play, as well as two ball returns, manual scorers, and adjustable leg levelers to ensure that the playing field is always leveled evenly. The game comes with four balls and features glossy black and silver players. Assembly is required upon arrival, but it’s definitely worth the effort to enjoy the excitement that this foosball table has to offer with its quality features and sleek image.


This foosball table is perfect for integrating into your home without worrying about blending in its clunky appearance. Crafted with engineered wood and washed brown maple veneer, the chic design of this foosball table will make the style-conscious homeowners happy. It sports a stylish, modish cabinet decorated with industrial metal trim of top-notch quality.


Overall, the American Heritage Element Foosball Table boasts a solid, well-functioning, and quality product that is a great value for its price. Despite its costly price, the durability of the table and stylish appearance makes it a good buy. The black and silver colored players give it a more sophisticated look so that it can function as an adult’s table more so than just a kid’s toy. Coming from a manufacturer such as American Heritage, who has crafted quality billboard products for almost 20 years, you can almost be certain that the product you receive will be held to rigorous standards and design providing you with a quality foosball table.

Despite its excellent quality and sturdiness, there are a few negatives about this product. For one, you have to assemble it upon arrival and it takes some time to put together that sometimes are difficult to hold into place. The side pieces including inside the table do not seem to be of great quality, but in relation to the rest of the product it seems to be a small price to pay.

Additionally, the hole used for ball retrieval is a bit small for an adult hand to reach inside it which can be problematic and annoying over some time. The two playfield trim strips also do not seem to stay down easily. The table height is not adjustable, which can make it difficult for younger kids to play if they cannot reach.

Overall, this foosball table product is of fine quality and is definitely worth the purchase. If you’re looking for something that is durable and long-lasting, as well as a great addition to your game room, this is definitely a good choice, even if it means spending a little bit more than you normally would.

Who’s It For?

The minimum suggested age group that this foosball table is designed for is approximately 8 years of age and older. The non-adjustable table height definitely restricts it from being accessible to much younger kids. If you’re a slightly more advanced foosball enthusiast, this is definitely the type of table you want to lean towards in purchasing due to its durability and slightly more sophisticated style than the average foosball table that you might find on the cheaper side.

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